Who's Next?! 7 Rescues Within 600ft At Sand Hollow Lake

So I got a call for 7 rescues all within 600ft of the same spot at Sand Hollow lake. This was definitely a sand trap.

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  • $50000 truck and he's worried about how much it costs to pull it out? Cheap skate moron.

    uk7769uk776918 soat oldin
  • And as the other guy says "there's your dinner".

    Chris BradburyChris Bradbury20 soat oldin
  • So many people don’t know that you need to lower your psi when driving in the sand

    Kold triggerKold trigger23 soat oldin
  • Why would the driver of that little Subaru think they can drive into sand? 🤦‍♀️

    imagin916imagin916Kun oldin
  • "When in doubt throttle out" Someone has been watching Jeremy Clarkson.

    The Guy With The FaceThe Guy With The FaceKun oldin
  • Need any help? How much do you charge? 50 bucks. Naw were good thanks. How much do you charge? Nothing, we'll pull you out. OK, pull us out then...SMH..He wasn't going anywhere without help. If he called a rescue service he could have been looking at least a 100 dollar bill or more, unless he had rescue cover.

  • What a great business making mucho dollars on people's stupidity. Anyone can get stuck by an unforseen hazard, but driving onto soft sand is a head scratcher to me. I mean what could possibly go wrong..

  • Interesting to hear how hard the engine is working without the rerouted exhaust.

    68air68airKun oldin
  • dumb question but how do the clients pay ,do you send them invoice or do they pay at the job

    Kris MarshallKris MarshallKun oldin
  • I wonder how much the chassis stretches over the lifetime of the Jeep 😂

    Taiyo TakizawaTaiyo Takizawa2 kun oldin
  • Matt's stretchy rope recovery

    Ryan SchwartzRyan Schwartz2 kun oldin
    • A good tow strap makes all the difference

      Ryan SchwartzRyan Schwartz2 kun oldin
  • Seems more effective when they leave it on neutral while you pull, don’t dig back in that way

    emmanuel carreteroemmanuel carretero2 kun oldin
  • That last freebee tow was worth the footage - get a good drone pilot to go with you.

    Joseph P KJoseph P K2 kun oldin
  • In the middle of the quicksand is a beacon. Every car nearby: Must find beacon.....

    Broken RobotBroken Robot3 kun oldin
  • that one kid need sunblock bad she was red as heck she going to feel that in the morning

  • You need to build a substation at Sand Hollow.........

    Stan .RarickStan .Rarick7 kun oldin
  • Does anyone know how to air down 🤔

    dm bndm bn8 kun oldin
  • The people that went right back out😂

    Kristopher S.Kristopher S.9 kun oldin
  • jajaja jajaja jajaja no toda la jente puede traer un auto en loff road

    Raul GalavizRaul Galaviz10 kun oldin
  • That woman in the Jeep was just redlining the hell out of her engine in neutral? Lmao no way there’s people so clueless.

    Kevin MedinaKevin Medina11 kun oldin
  • Love your videos but I would love to buy a shirt from you. I live in Maryland we dont have sand like yours here.

    Larry WortzLarry Wortz12 kun oldin
  • What if they can't pay just like "well guess I gotta get it stuck again"

    Mattman vlogs /gamesMattman vlogs /games13 kun oldin
  • Kinda like in hatteras nc no one airs down . Hope all is well Matt

    Chris akersChris akers14 kun oldin
  • The" original "morr team👍the exhaust sounds good keep it

    Bradley JanesBradley Janes14 kun oldin
  • Hi guys one question I’m Paolo from Italy : the people that you helps pay in advanced ? I saw you work like beast but anybody paying 😂😂😂😂 thank you

    Paolo BozziniPaolo Bozzini16 kun oldin
  • It seems like with the heavier trucks, that rope tends to work against you rather than for you. Like it's almost pulling the Jeep back towards the truck instead of vice versa

    Ajax CochraneAjax Cochrane17 kun oldin
  • I liked this one good video

    Jessica PettyJessica Petty17 kun oldin
  • 👍

    sidj76sidj7617 kun oldin
  • Some of these customers are no help at all, you can see how they would get stuck in the first place

    DesiberiusDesiberius17 kun oldin
  • We don't have Men !! that's ok , you don't need men, I'll pull you out (Matt is a men), unbelievable.

    Rob MVNYRob MVNY18 kun oldin
  • You don’t need men, you need horse power.

    Robbie BreauxRobbie Breaux18 kun oldin
  • Great video matt

    simms4lyfesimms4lyfe19 kun oldin
  • Pulling out for free? Time for you to move to the Upper Midwest! You would go broke.

    The GuyThe Guy22 kun oldin
  • Need a second "Banana."

    The GuyThe Guy22 kun oldin
  • You would think the city or county would put up signs "no parking" in the sand??? At least a gravel road and park to the lake...........

    The GuyThe Guy22 kun oldin
    • @Matt's Off Road Recovery But no gravel road down to the lake shore? What is up with that??

      The GuyThe Guy22 kun oldin
    • There’s warnings all over the place about the sand. Even the name of the park is sand hollow. Lol

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road Recovery22 kun oldin
  • You can tell the Chevy and the Grand Cherokee had the traction control on...

    PhillLsx Ga.PhillLsx Ga.22 kun oldin
  • You need a rail shifter!

    Off grid LivingOff grid Living23 kun oldin
  • What are these people doing out of their homes at 108f?

    Por15 CanadaPor15 Canada23 kun oldin
  • Wait for free? Not me my friend. But good for you

    j johnsonj johnson23 kun oldin
  • This guy makes you believe in heroes...really great channel..

    Cristián MolinaCristián Molina24 kun oldin
  • Man I think u should start charging them little bit of money so tht they ll be little careful evrytime Coz there e so many stupids out there who really dono how to drive a car on different terrains....

  • This kid in Adult Clothing has the most worthless tow rig! He wasted alot of money on that POS Jeep he should had bought a D3 Cat and make quick cash!

    Jay BJay B25 kun oldin
  • I subscribed,its nice to see people being good to other people

    Bradley WiseBradley Wise26 kun oldin
  • You guys are awesome!

    Steve GalishSteve Galish26 kun oldin
  • These are my go to procrastination videos lol

    RivalsIIIRivalsIII27 kun oldin
  • Wow....Ms. We Dont Have Men is so smart that when she's being pulled at 9:00 mark...u can see that she aint doing a dammm thing but turn the steering wheel......wow Ms. Man Hater....

    HE DPHE DP27 kun oldin
  • What motor is in the yellow jeep?

    Nick BrownNick Brown28 kun oldin
  • The only reason Matt can drive in sand while other people get stuck, as most of us know from watching these videos, is because he has about 15 pounds of air pressure in each of his four tires. He is in business to make money. I don't understand why he would give away his service for free to some folks. I doubt they're regular customers. But, it's his business. He can do what he wants.

    mike crookmike crook28 kun oldin
  • I’m going to take a guess that he tells them he’s making a UZgreen video and it’s free if they agree because this may be avoiding a legal issue Some people may want a cut of the profit for appearing which might be why we seldom see the customer and the license plates are usually covered

    Just TravelingJust Traveling29 kun oldin
  • I wondered what he charges because he and his crew work hard, there’s a lot of skill involved and there’s a lot of overhead He has to charge Maybe the youtube income pays, or helps pay the freight The Auto club does not go off the pavement, he’s most likely the only choice. A call would easily be worth $500 and a bargain at that for what we see them do

    Just TravelingJust Traveling29 kun oldin
  • That is one tuff Jeep I miss my XJ

    Jason HauerJason Hauer29 kun oldin
  • That dude in the white truck has one throttle position, wide open lol. He kept burying himself while in the process of being pulled out

    Joshua AdamsJoshua Adams29 kun oldin
  • People all you need even in 2wd, is air down to 15 to 25 psi and you'll be good

    1slowpony1slowponyOy oldin
  • There was 100 cars around that WRX. Why didn’t they ask someone right there?!?!?

    Steve McVaySteve McVayOy oldin
  • I'm surprised some of your kinetic recoveries don't rip the towing points off

    Bike VaultBike VaultOy oldin
  • Good ol 4.0. Hard to beat em

    Michael WhiteMichael WhiteOy oldin
  • how much?, nothing. That right there deserves a thumbs up! and a LIKE!

    MrMafiajackMrMafiajackOy oldin
  • Air on the tiers, please Why no body reduce the air till 10-8 psi Then try.

    Saud FaisalSaud FaisalOy oldin
  • If that doesn't sell that yellow rope, wow now thats a review.

    Richard KenworthyRichard KenworthyOy oldin
  • I swear to god: I would NEVER ever help anyone who doesn't lower tyre pressure to 14 Psi at least! The "30 Psi club" is a nightmare.

    renault19puntonetrenault19puntonetOy oldin
  • Not even worth commenting on.

    Allen WatkinsAllen WatkinsOy oldin
  • Gotta say I've never seen a dual axel jet ski trailer

    Jerry BurdeyJerry BurdeyOy oldin
  • I can not stand people who put their feet out the window.

    MikeMikeOy oldin
  • Make me want to own jeep Cherokee

    Mr.TMr.TOy oldin
  • Uau!!!

    Flavio AntonioFlavio AntonioOy oldin
  • That's a perfect spot for bizness.

    Sammy WooSammy WooOy oldin
  • Kind a look like JOHN GOODMAN ,,

    Ping KopPing KopOy oldin
  • Можно просто спустить давление в шинах и большинство сами бы выехали

    Дмитрий КуркинДмитрий КуркинOy oldin
  • ... I thought the charge would be a couple hundred, but it's free at all....what an Angle!...

    B4ONGB4ONGOy oldin
  • he pulls people out for free?

    The SandmanThe SandmanOy oldin
  • You and your crew are real life heroes, Matt.

    Cheral RallockCheral RallockOy oldin
  • Matt for president 2024

    Richard MillerRichard MillerOy oldin
  • Godbless you matt for your kindness

    Creative WorkCreative WorkOy oldin
  • I think in the various hot spots Matt should just have a RV setup with a Movair ready to go.

    KarasCyborgKarasCyborgOy oldin
  • I always wondered what you did when you encountered so many stuck people at once. And you charge NOTHING... GG Matt, what a guy!!!! I might just go get stuck somewhere so I can pay to support you.

    Norbert DanielsNorbert DanielsOy oldin
  • Everyone who goes to the sand must lower the air of the tires at least to 20 or 15 in order to facilitate the passage of the car in the desert sand, whether it is rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

    Yzod xYzod xOy oldin
  • Dont forget to use cruise control lmao

    wowwowOy oldin
  • The new chevy truck at the end getting stuck… damn these new trucks really sucks for off roading

    East MiccaEast MiccaOy oldin
  • These people with 2wd have no business off the pavement!

    b376010b376010Oy oldin
  • Do people never air down their tires??

    Rich LRich LOy oldin
  • I will only go to Sand Hallow with my Sherpa on my trailer, no other way!

    OAKOAKOy oldin
  • Why did no one helped ? Theres a lot o people there

    fernando javierfernando javierOy oldin
  • Next time you do a video answering questions, I’m wondering how you charge/give people their bill while doing so many cars/trucks back to back? Ps, Love the videos!

    AlexAlexOy oldin
  • So why exactly do people take their vechile on sand? I don't get it. That second truck was full of load, why would someone do that

    prajwal Khanalprajwal KhanalOy oldin
  • Mat you are one of a kind keep helping people God will bless you stay safe

    Patrick BlackPatrick BlackOy oldin
  • Great guys!

    Joe FergersonJoe FergersonOy oldin
  • Is that the new engine putting in work.?

    El LaloEl LaloOy oldin
    • Not yet. Tune in every Sunday to stay up to speed on the new engine and the jeep build.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • So... is nobody airing down?! That sand doesn't look too friendly...

    K WilK WilOy oldin
  • bet none let the air out of the tires

    donald d daydonald d dayOy oldin
  • Wait... you don't charge?

    DarknothingDarknothingOy oldin
  • These people applying the brakes while his launching piss me off 🤦🏽

    VTX AdventuresVTX AdventuresOy oldin
  • What state are they in?

    TTOy oldin
  • nooo not a wrx😭

    wrx_mikewrx_mikeOy oldin
  • Stop being so nice it’s disgusting 🤣

    ROB PROB POy oldin
  • All those ppl and no one has a tow rope? Blows my mind 🤯

    ProTurf OKProTurf OKOy oldin
  • видео должно называться,джип купил,а мозги-забыл.песок..неужели так сложно спустить в колесах воздух,а на обочине столько народу,машин и всем пофигу,больше похоже на постанову

    qw qwqw qwOy oldin
  • Second guy in the avalanche was an idiot. Not helping at all.

    Mike LitorusMike LitorusOy oldin
  • That Gray Jeep Driver sucks!

    Kalani KaimanaKalani KaimanaOy oldin
  • Shouldn't the Z71 'Lanche be but into 4WD at least?

    Andreas JünglingAndreas JünglingOy oldin
  • مستفزين الاجانب معهم مواتر دبل وحقت سحب ويشوفون المغرز ولا يسون شي

    عنزيعنزيOy oldin