What's With All These New Trucks?!

So I got a call for another brand new truck? I'll stick with old school.

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Are New Trucks Really Built For Off Road?

Who's Next?! 7 Rescues Within 600ft At Sand Hollow Lake

It Really Happened, I Got The Morrvair Stuck!!!

Seriously?! That Things Gonna Get Me Out?!

Bigger, Badder, Banana Engine Jeep Install!

This Is Going To Take The Wrecker. Nasty Camper Rescue!

Making Room For Bigger Tires On The Jeep Banana!

Are We Really Going To Pull This Dead Jeep Up There?!

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Please start eating better guys! Thats like as bad as it gets

    Nick FishingNick Fishing12 daqiqa oldin
  • This is some really wholesome content it just makes you smile!

    Brian Armstring The marshmallow Fan!Brian Armstring The marshmallow Fan!50 daqiqa oldin
  • Nope. That BMW didn't look stolen at all!

    Chris TVChris TV2 soat oldin
  • Did someone steal just 1 d ring or did she not tighten it enough and it bounced off the concrete into the front of someone elses vehicle? I only say this because well..... been there done that.

    The Layla BeanThe Layla Bean2 soat oldin
  • I think he could’ve gotten out in the white pick up if they aired down to about 15lbs. I could be wrong. I used to go down to 12 lbs in my K5 and it felt like I could climb a wall.

    Tom FooleryTom Foolery4 soat oldin
  • Are most of these recoveries just wrong tyre pressures? The RAM would easily get out of the tyres were let down?

    Gunny PerreroGunny Perrero4 soat oldin
  • If you looked in the trunk of that BMW you would have found a tow hook that goes into the cut out on the front bumper, just saying.

    Kingsley ZissouKingsley Zissou5 soat oldin
  • firstly a lot of these aren't stuck at all, second why are none of the other trucks in the area helping get them out. Here in Australia, you don't drive past someone who is stuck. as stupid as they may be , you help them out

    • When I was 12 years old, Me and my Dad were on the beach fishing. When we left, we came across a guy stuck. We helped pull him out and in the process, my Dad’s truck busted the rear trunnion on the driveshaft. Guy came back and saw what happened. Said, “thanks” to my dad, unhooked the tow strap, left it laying right where he unhooked it and drove away. To this day, I wouldn’t help anyone that is stuck unless it’s family or a friend.

      Tom FooleryTom Foolery3 soat oldin
  • More than equipment is skill. Off roading skills don't come with the 4x4 option.

    Fernando EstebanFernando Esteban13 soat oldin
  • That Tacoma SR5 has tires as bald as my head.

    hibiki54hibiki5414 soat oldin
  • They traded in their Prius for pick up truck and this is what happens, Why y’all didn’t get gas station sushi

    Squiggy G.Squiggy G.14 soat oldin
  • How much did you make off these?

    Trump took the vaccineTrump took the vaccine15 soat oldin
  • Air the tires down to 10 psi and it'll drive in that sand like it's on pavement

    vankman79vankman7916 soat oldin
  • I think you mean cars with pickup beds lol

    Andrew TuttleAndrew Tuttle18 soat oldin
  • i’m confused why are you towing the jeep… seems like a good way to lose an asset

    Jay SmithJay Smith23 soat oldin
  • it’s gonna be a hot one! she had the nickel hot wings last night down at the Rusty Anchor

    Jay SmithJay Smith23 soat oldin
  • I have a feeling the majority of the cases are user error lol

    VenoxVenoxKun oldin
  • People don't learn to drive nowadays. They learn how to commute on paved roads

    420 funny420 funnyKun oldin
  • Sounds like people are doing well?

    Hndsm RbHndsm RbKun oldin
  • Who else think that chick annoying as fuckk😂🤦

    Daniel HansonDaniel HansonKun oldin
  • Shoulda got a raptor

    Daniel ChavezDaniel ChavezKun oldin
  • They should have air down on the last one probably would have helped

    Boer369Boer369Kun oldin
  • why no use the factory tow points? all bmw's have them

    Sylvester BosonSylvester BosonKun oldin
  • Curious, how does a recovery cost?

    MrBobnokiousMrBobnokiousKun oldin
  • Is this around st George/sand hollow?

    Billy SledgehammerBilly SledgehammerKun oldin
  • What were those idiots in the Chevy thinking???

    thebronzetoothebronzetooKun oldin
  • Some special type of idiots right here.

    Jonathon CookJonathon CookKun oldin
  • I'm cringing over that bmw. BTW they have tow hooks that screw into the bumper/frame so you don't damage steering components.

    David BehrDavid BehrKun oldin
  • That TRD didn’t have a locking rear diff? That’s odd. That was the main feature of TRD on that gen.

    watts300watts300Kun oldin
  • The hotter the sand the more chance of getting stuck.

    Jimmy SchmidtJimmy SchmidtKun oldin
  • Their Main problem is THEY AREN'T 4 WHEEL DRIVE JEEPS.

    That AmericanThat AmericanKun oldin
  • there's a word for these people who #1 get and #2 can't figure out how to get unstuck. and they all choose to drive IN the ruts huh?

    anthony meansanthony means2 kun oldin
  • The newer PICK UPS and suv's do not have the clearance, do to the manufacturers tire size and eventually just get high centered. IMO

    JJJJ2 kun oldin
  • It never ceases to amaze me, the number of people who take to off-roading in the sand without a clue of what they’re getting into. Keep up the good work you guys, great videos!👍

    Mike DangelMike Dangel2 kun oldin
  • Am sure these guys are getting stuck on purpose just so they can get one of matts T shirts.

    Paul ReynoldsPaul Reynolds2 kun oldin
  • You could improve your fast food diets.

    ChesterChester2 kun oldin
  • How many of these would have just driven out on their own if they aired down the tires?

    James GulliverJames Gulliver2 kun oldin
  • Just curious why people don’t let 10-20 psi air out of their tires before calling a tow when stuck in sand!

    Drew SDrew S2 kun oldin
  • Why doesn't ever body get 6 door pick ups,, could be more uglier,gayer than all these god ugly fourdoors!!

    Thomas KnappThomas Knapp2 kun oldin
  • "thanks for working so late at night" No worries, that will be reflected in the bill. LOL

    jeninjeansjeninjeans2 kun oldin
  • oh ok, i guess you guys dont always trailer the truck around, cause i was wondering why the tires have a center line thats mostly closed. i guess it also helps with the rigidity so the knobs don't break off while digging in to pull weight.

    RudywtfRudywtf2 kun oldin
  • Your motto should be "Unstuck at any speed" with that rig.

    Jeffrey BartonJeffrey Barton2 kun oldin
  • The trucks I kinda get, they were sold on it being well a truck. I'd take a FWD sedan with 6 inches of clearance over a 2WD pickup any day of the week out there, at least it will have weight on the wheels. The BMW sedan I don't get. What the hell were they thinking lol. 1 inch of side wall, and another inch of ground clearance.

    Sara MaeSara Mae2 kun oldin
  • I just bought a new Ram but I would never take it into sand like that. Too heavy and I need bigger tires

    CatBugCatBug2 kun oldin
  • I don't understand why anyone would buy a full size pickup truck for off-roading. Sure they come with 4 wheel drive, but full size trucks are far too heavy and have such a long wheelbase that they are impractical for off road at best. Loose sand? Forget it. Jeeps are built for off-road, full size pickups are for a ton of cargo and towing.

    Nzxtz07Nzxtz072 kun oldin
  • Are those people leaving their traction control on, and that's what's bogging them?

    What ProblemWhat Problem2 kun oldin
  • A mechanically inclined Tom Segura. That's what you remind me of.

    Just an Average Everday Breakfast BurritoJust an Average Everday Breakfast Burrito2 kun oldin
  • Looks like a meth head owns that BMW .... nice scratched up paint job !

    freedom starfreedom star2 kun oldin
  • Think those Sheilas on that beach been eating too many corn dogs ya ole

    steve hayessteve hayes2 kun oldin
  • What’s a corn dog haha?

    steve hayessteve hayes2 kun oldin
  • Wow 3:59 woman not loke healty to lot junk food o ye USA non wonder like Boss of ford tell ar.custumers ar geting fater and fater so we need made cars to fit them

    Maja BorowskaMaja Borowska2 kun oldin
  • Big car means Dudę need rekompesate somting big car non power to get of silly sand not all cars ar.good this ford sucks onle big size to show same as big muscle Man whit pit Bull Ho need wiagra mans ar stupit

    Maja BorowskaMaja Borowska2 kun oldin
  • Some buy trucks for their electronics and gadgets. And do not have a clue of how they work and function. But they are cool.

    Charles LloydCharles Lloyd2 kun oldin
  • What's the VIN of that BMW so I don't end up buying it

    TimelimitxceededTimelimitxceeded2 kun oldin
  • was that bmw attacked by lions or something?

    GraveUypoGraveUypo2 kun oldin
  • Inexperience and overinflated ego’s…

    Ding BatDing Bat2 kun oldin
  • 50% tires & 50% user error

    Pilot Door 01Pilot Door 012 kun oldin
  • Ya know the real blazers would have never been stuck in that sand….

    SneebleSneeble2 kun oldin
  • Speaking w her Diaphragm?? I was expecting something TOTALLY different.

    Ramot Inmah AzolRamot Inmah Azol3 kun oldin
  • o man, using car with inside rollcage without helmet is risky!

    fakajbulyfakajbuly3 kun oldin
  • Maverick is the goat of gas stations!!

    RemadyRemady3 kun oldin
  • Silly Wabbitz...Sand is for 4WD......

    Tom ApplegateTom Applegate3 kun oldin
  • That is not a driveway.

    elweasel2010elweasel20103 kun oldin
  • Driving in sand is an art form for sure. Most don’t know how to get through that crap. We have a saying in the north “you never drove a 2 wheel drive pickup in the snow with bald tires and it shows”. 😂 We also say a lot of “hold my beer!” as we try sketchy shit with our 4x4s. Wherever you guys are in UT, it looks beautiful. I’d love to bring the ol ZR2 out there and actually use the dang lockers for once!

    AdamAdam3 kun oldin
    • Everybody says hold my beer now

      livelyupmyself1livelyupmyself12 kun oldin
  • Hope these people pay you handsomely as well as saying thanks so much! They’d be there still!

    highdownmartinhighdownmartin3 kun oldin
  • I think these people are just hiring you to meet you at this point. I can't imagine calling a tow in these circumstances

    Blake WalkerBlake Walker3 kun oldin
  • So do you charge like $1k for this, I’d imagine?

    Caleb SowardsCaleb Sowards3 kun oldin
  • New trucks are not designed for offroad, the traction control systems they have make them just sink in the dirt. My work truck is a 2wd GMC 3/4 ton. I won't even look cross-eyed at dirt with that thing anymore. The traction control does everything it can to sink the vehicle up to the axles in the soft stuff.

    High Desert DrewHigh Desert Drew3 kun oldin
  • You should get a free roll of toilet paper when you buy a meal at a convenience store.

    Don AlanDon Alan3 kun oldin
  • Bmw... should used it's tow hook

    J GJ G3 kun oldin
  • They don't make real trucks anymore, it's been all downhill since they started putting carpeting in them.

    Cranky CrackaCranky Cracka3 kun oldin
  • Just found this channel this morning. I've now watched about 8 or 9 of your videos. I've thoroughly enjoying the comradery and the effort made to help people. Great channel. I'm going to get one of your t-shirts!

    mark robert devisonmark robert devison4 kun oldin
    • Yes me too... It's. A great watch .. really nice people

      Tony HusseyTony Hussey22 soat oldin
  • Hahaha Albuquerque she’s lucky that’s all they took.

    Chris SparksChris Sparks4 kun oldin
  • Is there a purpose to the lights in the wheel wells? Looks sharp obviously, just curious if there is an actual function

    salomon1080salomon10804 kun oldin
  • I guess that last truck was a Prerunner. Why people buy them over the 4x4 version is beyond me.

    Tucsonan DudeTucsonan Dude4 kun oldin
  • Man I had a Cherokee 6 would still if the rust monster didn't claim it

    zkr99zkr994 kun oldin
  • Too heavy and not running her wide open through the sand. There's a reason my truck was named a Baja from the factory. No it doesn't sit on 33s but by god it will walk a sand dune like a desert fox.

    Shogun AutoworksShogun Autoworks4 kun oldin
  • Love you lizzy god bless you

    Manuel SerranoManuel Serrano4 kun oldin
  • Is there a better place to hook to than a stamped steel control arm???? That has to be a lot of liability for bending control arms.

    toddfromfloridatoddfromflorida4 kun oldin
  • So many awesome recoveries

    Gayle SweeneyGayle Sweeney4 kun oldin
  • bruh that shirts not gunna fit him

    CchewWitupCchewWitup5 kun oldin
  • The new trucks tout all kinds of "off road capabilities", but in reality they're really only designed for groomed trails, definitely not true offroading,, esp in soft soil conditions. Couple that with inexperienced drivers that think since they're in an "offroad truck" they are invincible.........and well.......it provides a great living for Matt!!!! lol

    Mike DMike D5 kun oldin
  • When you got an old truck, you have already learned your lessons.

    GeographyNerd48GeographyNerd485 kun oldin
  • What's with new trucks? A lot of the ones you recover are stock. Your vehicles are extremely modified

    slowstang88slowstang885 kun oldin
  • Those BMW’s have a small window in the front bumper to screw in a tow eyelet that can be found in the trunk

    Jeremy DoughtyJeremy Doughty5 kun oldin
  • They have been watching too many company ads

    Baja DanBaja Dan6 kun oldin
  • That fella asking for an XL tshirt is being a bit optimistric

    Paul StensonPaul Stenson7 kun oldin
  • Love how #2 got stuck pretty much the instant they got off a hard surface.

    Skorpy NekomimiSkorpy Nekomimi8 kun oldin
  • How much does this cost for clients?

    Marcis_JMarcis_J9 kun oldin
  • I have seen Your work and understand the simplicity but BMW's advice not to tow on front legs should be used the towing adaptor from the boot.

    Les CsiziLes Csizi9 kun oldin
  • 2 wheel drive with a locker? neat

    ROB2D2ROB2D29 kun oldin
  • when u pull a truck out do u put the truck in neutral or drive

    Jesus IbaibarriagaJesus Ibaibarriaga9 kun oldin
  • The National Park Service needs to officially change the name of Sand Hollow to "Stuck at Sand Hollow".

    Joe KimmesJoe Kimmes9 kun oldin
  • There's no replacement for displacement, displacement of dirt/sand by some wide and slightly deflated tires

    GrahamGraham9 kun oldin
  • Dude looks like Sammy Hagar 🇺🇸

    Tim USATim USA10 kun oldin
  • What engine is in the Morvair ?

    Patrick HorvathPatrick Horvath10 kun oldin
  • I wonder what that moorvair has for an engine. That things a beast. Great videos. I watch them every night.

    Steven WrightSteven Wright10 kun oldin
  • I sure miss living in southern Utah

    Tanner6foot7Tanner6foot711 kun oldin
  • Thank you for the content sir. Watching from the fingerlakes NY

    Jeff RockJeff Rock12 kun oldin
  • TRD means I can go anywhere with 2wd lol

    JR LagascaJR Lagasca12 kun oldin