WARNING: Don't Use This Trail! We Could've Died.

So I got a call to rescue a Lexus on a trail probably no one should drive on. It's too steep for a rescue.

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Thanks for watching, from all of us at Matt's off-road recovery!

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  • Here is the first job we did on this Trail. m.uzgreen.info/show/video/sZOqtJaQea5ryac.html

    Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
    • Idk why or how I found this channel but you guys make it real easy to binge watch your content..god bless ya's

      j in AVLj in AVLKun oldin
    • You should create anchor points along that trail to be able to winch up

      Janis RocansJanis Rocans3 kun oldin
    • have you thought about useing tracks in the sand on the movire that wood be badass

      Sam SearsSam Sears27 kun oldin
    • You mean people actually get stuck on that little incline. Lol

      redneck suburban idiotredneck suburban idiot27 kun oldin
    • My God, talk about gravity storm. If you begin to slide at that angle. Gravity is unforgiving, faith in Christ is all that can save you. When ya' hit bottom.

      Paw PawPaw Paw28 kun oldin
  • Nice save. Hope that GX had Crawl or DAC, would have come in handy coming down. Nice rig

    CallSpreadZeroCallSpreadZero32 daqiqa oldin
  • That’s crazy 😜

    Rock of ages USARock of ages USASoat oldin
  • that is one gnarly recovery but dang that Lexus is hotttt!!!

    Javier HerreraJavier HerreraSoat oldin
  • Which Australian was it that said - "If you want to go into the bush take a Land Rover, if you want to get back home take a Landcruiser" ? Good video and great job guys. I doubt a LR would of done any better than the GX.

    Iban AIban ASoat oldin
  • 40 - 50 % humidity? Holy cow, I wish the humidity would get that low here. Southeastern VA summers are in the 70 to 95% range with 100+ degree days lasting for weeks through the summers.

    vwbug1975vwbug19752 soat oldin
  • One of the indisputably most beautiful landscapes in the world. Then we have the numerous obnoxious barbarians with one digit IQs whose dominant instinct is to alter/destroy it permanently and then the very shallow crowd is here in the comments to celebrate this criminal vandalism! How is it that these days, vast numbers of juvenile - tho adult in form - underdeveloped brains seem obligated to shout OMG repeatedly at almost any passing event?

    Kevin KelleherKevin Kelleher2 soat oldin
  • Back in the 70s and 80s and 90s there was a towing company in So. Calif. that had an offroad Cat set up with winches for stuff like this. Seems like that would be a way safer and more effective way to do stuff like this. May not be as fun to watch but way safer. Lynns Towing was the guy and Lynn towed everything from Big Rigs to 4X4s Small Guy with Huge Balls.

    mark the gun plumbermark the gun plumber3 soat oldin
  • Must’ve cost a dollar still’ although that looks like fun as well, loved the video

    Stewart GachStewart Gach5 soat oldin
  • A person needs to stick to bumper cars if you can't makes that hill. But it is marketing so you got to play it up.

    Christopher PrichardChristopher Prichard6 soat oldin
  • Different strokes I guess. I fail to see the fun in this sort of activity. Enjoy.

    Mike LaPointeMike LaPointe7 soat oldin
  • Would rear steer be beneficial to Morvair?

    Ryan RouseRyan Rouse11 soat oldin
  • The same exact situation could have happened to Rescue. Once LX (Land Cruiser) tires were flat that's all she wrote. Rescue got in the same soft dirt but with inflated tires. They both made it down where most rigs couldn't have made up, let got her down alive. Both are great rigs.

    sam iamdjsam iamdj12 soat oldin
  • WOW!

    Tjeerd van GennepTjeerd van Gennep14 soat oldin
  • Had me on the edge of my seat on this one. Why were there two airline’s first the Lexus tire at 9:30?

    mateostylemateostyle15 soat oldin
  • I hope you guys have a "pucker factor" sir-charge! That was so scary....

    Terry GoyanTerry Goyan16 soat oldin
  • Yall neeed a land anchor

    David WimanDavid Wiman19 soat oldin
  • Colt what is going on buddy.

    21 soat oldin
  • My butthole puckered up when you were coming down sideways so I know yours could've snapped a pencil in half

  • Amazing recovery, fantastic video of it. Lizzy the trooper going into ice water. What a team

    Thomas CraigThomas Craig22 soat oldin
  • That was terrifying....

    Atoning OneAtoning One23 soat oldin
  • wow thats a serious grade

    MrLeonightisMrLeonightis23 soat oldin
  • 40-50% humidity? Those are rookie numbers. You gotta pump those numbers up! Houston here.

    lmind2lmind2Kun oldin
  • Did you?

    David WineDavid WineKun oldin
  • what is the town in the background at 9:27 ?

    nwo foenwo foeKun oldin
  • Me: I've got a four wheel drive...I should take it off-road... Me: I think a hike instead.

    Rob JacobsRob JacobsKun oldin
  • I'm sitting only 2 feet off the ground and was nervous just watching this. What ever kind of break pads your using , I want the same ones for everyday driving.

    Foxie DogFoxie DogKun oldin
  • If you don’t assume you could die every time you get behind the wheel, you deserve what you get

    Ben HearneBen HearneKun oldin
  • That flat shale is a hard lesson. I have had some SOOOOO close calls I look for it now and if see it go other way. Is like ball bearings the truck will just slide off the hill no way to stop it. .

    steve nunuasteve nunuaKun oldin
  • Классные ребята и машины отличные. На русском языке перевести бы

    мастерскаямастерскаяKun oldin
  • Rock Crawlers and Off Road for Pres. TRUMP

    T RT RKun oldin
  • The morvair begs for a cummins 6bt

    ffrankenstein3ffrankenstein3Kun oldin
  • I'm going to check Land Rover Defender 🌹❤🍷👍😎

    Canadian SummerCanadian SummerKun oldin
  • I went up and down that hill with my land rover , its really nasty.

    Steve GSteve GKun oldin
  • I'm getting a "ghostbusters" vibe about this new truck. :-)

    Higor martosHigor martosKun oldin
  • who else here is trying to figure out the logic of pulling it further up the hill?

    CchewWitupCchewWitupKun oldin
  • 8:37 Nightmare of mine

    68air68airKun oldin
  • I'm skeered. 😬

    drcurioustubedrcurioustubeKun oldin
  • Cute Little SUV. Get a real 4x4. Get a H1.

    Dee NutzDee NutzKun oldin
  • Speaking for the Rest of the World we appreciates the Celsius conversion immensely!!!

    Max StimMax StimKun oldin
  • i think ill stick to mud

    FishingmanFishingmanKun oldin
  • 22 degrees is a 40% grade. No way it's that steep.

    Trent VlakTrent Vlak2 kun oldin
  • So how do I get "Matts off road recovery" T shirt?

    Ol'SmokeyOl'Smokey2 kun oldin
  • Why did the rear tires lock up and the fronts didn't in that little slide

    justj ssejustj sse2 kun oldin
  • That Lexus was actually pretty sweet. Onboard air an shit

    BadApple 410BadApple 4102 kun oldin
  • This spot should be the Mt. Everest of off-roading: you leave the body where it died.

    Mark StevensMark Stevens2 kun oldin
  • this video is giving me anxiety

    K Mac PK Mac P2 kun oldin
  • OMG, you guys are awesome. I am going to totally binge watch you all weekend!! Love this channel.

    Chris & Tovah's Amazing AdventuresChris & Tovah's Amazing Adventures2 kun oldin
  • My God he looks just like Sammy Hager!

    Steve HillSteve Hill3 kun oldin
  • They were 'rescued' with AIR Too bad they aren't very smart but it gets you clicks on UZgreen. Did you girls get your Lexus back to your parents ok? LMAO

    Scott AndersonScott Anderson3 kun oldin
  • To damn scary

    Gayle SweeneyGayle Sweeney3 kun oldin
  • Wow, go to 12:00 for a brown trousers/pants moment

    Chris Glen-SmithChris Glen-Smith3 kun oldin
  • I'd recommend an 05-07 Subaru Forester 👌🏼

    GMMGMM3 kun oldin
  • holy... that's sketchy as it can be

    GraveUypoGraveUypo3 kun oldin
  • The Morrvair tires are the problem, they are not aggressive enough for that type of mountain road.

    Ahmed Alghamdi من كل بحر قطرةAhmed Alghamdi من كل بحر قطرة3 kun oldin
  • Riding with "disco tyres" up the hill. Well done 😂😂

    Metal - GrandpaMetal - Grandpa3 kun oldin
  • i mean...do what u want, but i wouldnt allow the crew to stand downhill of the vehicle.

    George ArmstrongGeorge Armstrong3 kun oldin
  • Get some better tires on that thing

    darren flintdarren flint3 kun oldin
  • Unuseful. You'd better use a donkey

    Cécilie OgierCécilie Ogier3 kun oldin
  • Toquerville? That in Utah. I live in Salt Lake City. I looked you up and you are in Hurricane.

    Phillip ToonePhillip Toone3 kun oldin
  • On filming, you guys did a really good job keeping the horizon level with your cameras, so you could show how really obnoxiously and dangerously steep this trail really is! Well done! 📸😎

    Don Ashcraft Photography and RestorationsDon Ashcraft Photography and Restorations3 kun oldin
    • GoPros have a horizon leveling feature

      haventcheckedhaventcheckedKun oldin
  • ‘Time to do some sketchy shit…. Do da do da……’

    jp allenjp allen3 kun oldin
  • Dam that was Steep! I had to hang on to my keyboard because my computer table and chair started sliding!!!

    Desert MaverickDesert Maverick3 kun oldin
  • the tires are for the road - buy offroad tyres and without roll cage u can be dead, the car starts rolling diwnhill

    muzika2607muzika26073 kun oldin
  • Epic stuff right there. Everyone of you have balls of steel!

    Don AlanDon Alan3 kun oldin
  • terrifying

    Steve ReevesSteve Reeves3 kun oldin
  • WHY???????? All that risk for what???? you guys are NUTS!!!!!!!! Brave but NUTS!!

    Dan M.Dan M.4 kun oldin
  • I'll add weight to this side. Professional Rock thrower he seems totally fun. great show.

    Jeff MatsonJeff Matson4 kun oldin
  • Love those drone shots.

    Brand ExBrand Ex4 kun oldin
  • What does this cost? And what does the waver look like?

    OzrikKnobOzrikKnob4 kun oldin
  • Only a suicidal idiot wouldn't be scared on that mountain side God be with you guys God bless amen

    Donald McCartyDonald McCarty4 kun oldin
  • Where did that 4runner get that rear bumer?!? Looking for one like that one! Nice. BTW, where is this trail?

    J DJ D5 kun oldin
  • Wait why does the Lexus have a mats recovery sticker cap vid? Na Mat wouldn’t do that

    Supercar BoySupercar Boy5 kun oldin
  • I've been up there before and it wasn't easy to get up, and then once you are at the top, turning around is a sketchy off camber task. I have no interest in going up there again and continue to share with others it's not a good road to go up. Good job on the recovery.

    ectosportsectosports5 kun oldin
  • 35 degrees??? 🥶😱😱 For reference, a black diamond ski run is usually somewhere in the order of 25-30 degrees. I hope you had an extra pair of underwear with you.

    Henrik MHenrik M5 kun oldin
  • all that people are dudes

    Лев ЖигловЛев Жиглов5 kun oldin
  • Should of kept the jeep workin, tha thing there looking like a fresh turd all day long ugh

    Buddy JohnBuddy John6 kun oldin
  • The owner needs to sell that truck, stick to the concrete bahahaha

    MikeMike6 kun oldin
  • Tyre pressures still seem too high?

    Perth PetePerth Pete6 kun oldin
  • All I can say is you all got some big round hairy ones and you know what I’m talking about! Because just watching that made my butt hole pucker LOL awesome job though you guys are an incredible team🤩

    James WarrenJames Warren6 kun oldin
  • Ahhh yes, Tokerville. Used to hang out there all the time in high school. 😎🤤

    BKLBKL6 kun oldin
  • 10:41 All it needs now is for the car to go out of control like that Blazer K5 did.

    L HL H6 kun oldin
  • I would have said screw that. Send in The Army, Marines, Seal Team 6 and let them deal with it.

    L HL H6 kun oldin
  • People that throw rocks off a cliff are dumber than a rock. *:-D*

    Soli DeogloriaSoli Deogloria7 kun oldin
  • so many questions. who made this trail? why? how? what vehicles is it meant for?

    Biking With PandaBiking With Panda7 kun oldin
  • Matt do you take your Family to Church!!!!

    Bill OwensBill Owens7 kun oldin
  • I will stick to mudding

    Nicole CNicole C7 kun oldin
  • That is insane

    Nicole CNicole C7 kun oldin
  • What kind of cameras are you guys using nowadays? Thanks for the very entertaining channel!

    Grand MachinesGrand Machines7 kun oldin
  • I did NOT like watching this-- too scary!

    Mary FredericksonMary Frederickson7 kun oldin
  • Matt - you should sell ride-alongs. I am sure that people would pay a decent price to “ride along” on your recoveries. That might add a couple hundred dollars for each recovery. That would easily pay any insurance necessary. Easy money ?

    macsloan58macsloan587 kun oldin
  • What an absolutely awesome work environment! Don't ever get used to the views and what you're seeing every day. It's exactly why I'm leaving the concrete jungle and heading out of the city asap. Love your vids and looking forward to seeing your part of the country.

    MPMDIVEMPMDIVE7 kun oldin
    • You project like a liberal, and your comment ASSumes much. Keep them where you pulled it out of.

    • Keep your votes where you left them.

      Knunya BeasewhacksKnunya BeasewhacksKun oldin
  • Wow!!!! I can’t imagine how crazy that was in real life. I’ve been in some hairy stuff but nothing like that and I know the cameras typically don’t capture how steep it really is. I was actually nervous for you. Amazing scenery. Glad it had a happy ending. Size tires are you running?

    North jersey KevinNorth jersey Kevin8 kun oldin
  • Beautiful country, why do you need to drive all,over it?

    Bob ThebuilderBob Thebuilder8 kun oldin
  • You should have had an FJ Cruiser.

    PrivatepilotPrivatepilot8 kun oldin
  • Let's just take a minute to admire how badass that LX570 is. But I betcha a thousand dollars all that weight over the back axle drug that thing right back down the hill.

    Daniel BowenDaniel Bowen9 kun oldin
    • @Daniel Bowen, what year would you guess is that particular LX?

      IVIVKun oldin
  • Love you 😍 lizzy

    Manuel SerranoManuel Serrano10 kun oldin
  • GTA5 Sandy Shores

    KG84CKG84C11 kun oldin
  • No drone yet?

    Joe LopezJoe Lopez11 kun oldin
  • There’s the downside of using big heavy off-road vehicles. An old YJ would do great up that

    MKPMKP11 kun oldin