This Water Rescue Comes With A Free Car Wash

So I got a call for a broken down vehicle down in one of the toughest trails on earth, the maze.


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WARNING: Don't Use This Trail! We Could've Died.

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  • Exhaust sounds good on the banana

    Grady RogersGrady Rogers40 daqiqa oldin
  • i could never in a million years get my 18 year old daughter to carry a jack or even check her own oil,im going to show her this video(could you please check the oil in something for another daughter how to video please

    Philip DicusPhilip Dicus10 soat oldin
  • Here in the northeast we seldom see 40% (or lower) humidity unless it's mid winter and the temps are are in the teens or colder. The rest of the year the humidity is a higher number than the temp most of the time. We hardly ever see over 95 degrees but 80 - 90% humidity is common with anything over 90 degrees.

    rupe53rupe5314 soat oldin
  • You're not gonna make it out" Boy this crow tastes good.

    Tim KaldahlTim Kaldahl16 soat oldin
  • Those Daytona jacks are heavy as hell. Gotta get an aluminium one for service calls.

    chickenfishhybrid44chickenfishhybrid4418 soat oldin
  • You guys crying about the hheat and humidity, i work in a factory in the Northeast and in the summer we are 100 degrees in there for 12 hours and 80 to 90% humidity most of the summer.

    John L.John L.18 soat oldin
  • A greatful service you guys provide . Nice work team .

    johny broadbeltjohny broadbelt20 soat oldin
  • In FL 40% humidity is low

    Keaton TempestaKeaton Tempesta23 soat oldin
  • dont come to my country they will laugh at you because we doing really big job here

    M.B.FM.B.FKun oldin
  • “I didn’t expect to be in this show this soon!” Best line from a customer and obvious fan of the show lol😂😂

    Levi DavisLevi DavisKun oldin
  • Must be nice having such low humidity lvls. We retain an avg 80+% humidity around 4 months of the year here in the south

    john padgettjohn padgettKun oldin
  • Have you guys thought of building a tilt deck trailer would make it easier to recover side by sides that are like thag

    Mike BenitezMike BenitezKun oldin
  • You guys should have Yankem give you guys free Yankem Ropes shirts to pass out, rather than paying for all those Matt's recovery shirts to give away.

    Giulio MGiulio MKun oldin
  • How do you guys understand how hot it is with Fahrenheit Degrees!!!!!

    Mahmoud EljedwyMahmoud EljedwyKun oldin
  • That last van had a Matt’s recovery plate????

    ekujj13ekujj13Kun oldin
  • that last guy was in denial that he was stuck XD.

    levi strnadlevi strnadKun oldin
  • Dude in the van probably turned around and went back in!

    Terry PendergrassTerry PendergrassKun oldin
  • He could have taken his boots off before going in the water. He ended up taking them off anyway. Thats on him. The wet jeans are not a big deal. I probably would have dove under to fully cool down.

    Dan VercilloDan Vercillo2 kun oldin
  • I'm seeing a pattern of broken RZRs.

    83 GT/Brian83 GT/Brian2 kun oldin
  • "The hole is small" Isn't that every man's dream? Just say'n

    Joey AllisonJoey Allison2 kun oldin
  • Great job

    Gayle SweeneyGayle Sweeney3 kun oldin
  • I love hearing them complain about 40% humidity...LOL! Come to NC in the summer, 98 degrees and 98% humidity is the norm... Still love all your videos. Utah is on my travel to list!

    Dustin GroomsDustin Grooms3 kun oldin
  • Is Rudy Matt's Son??

    SotmSotm3 kun oldin
  • Good dude you got out of the water. That’s awesome.

    Hugh WHugh W3 kun oldin
  • When it gets cooler weather how about some videos of taking the dogs along and Ed, that makes a great video content, like to see dogs and Ed in videos, yep, he has fans. Your team make the business happen, they all work well together. And you run into some hard tows all the time. Your company is all about team work.

    Today NowToday Now3 kun oldin
  • I got my toes In the water. Ass In the sand. Got me laughing

    Pjangles SmithPjangles Smith4 kun oldin
  • On the cars are you attaching to the lower swing arm?

    jesseplzjesseplz4 kun oldin
  • Razor with the busted wheel at the Sand dunes? First time for everything, I guess.

    Michael AngelosMichael Angelos4 kun oldin
  • “How hard should I punch it?” 😅

    Jacob PorterJacob Porter5 kun oldin
  • I wouldn’t do a tv show if I were you guys. Nothing beats the authenticity of this and I think that’s one of the major appeals

    Eijah MartinEijah Martin5 kun oldin
  • When I was a kid I got to watch a drunk dude back his 1960 el Camino into the lake to pull his boat out, then buried it when he tried to pull forward, he then hooked his motorhome to the el Camino and proceeded to bury that, then he hooked up his sons 1968 chevy 4X4 and buried it too. Then his wife asked him if he had released the emergency brake in the el Camino (he hadn't). It was definitely the little train that didn't.

    Whidbey HikerWhidbey Hiker5 kun oldin
  • Matt, Would be nice to have somewhere on the Morvair or the Banana (Or both) to hookup the trailer winch to, You would get a lot more power running the 14+VDC that the alternator puts out rather than just 12VDC or less and you wouldn't use any battery power, The alternator would supply plenty of amps. Have a connector in the back of the Morvair with good 4 gauge power cables coming from the main battery, Keep some slack cable in the trailer box with the opposite connector so you could plug it in when needed. You could still use the booster box if the trailer is towed by another vehicle.

    CryptoKingCryptoKing5 kun oldin
  • Tak about a qualified captain

    Ryan StockwellRyan Stockwell6 kun oldin
  • Great videos keep them coming.

    Mike SandbergMike Sandberg6 kun oldin
  • Dying of humid"? Hardly. I don't see you sweating much. This summer we had 95 degrees and 95% humidity (Indiana)

    Stan .RarickStan .Rarick6 kun oldin
  • Come to Louisiana where humidity is 80-100% in the summer! Soaked just going to check the mail 😂🤣

    Steve .NSteve .N6 kun oldin
  • Wasn’t that jumpbox a temporary solution about 3 years ago?

    IAMAredditorIAMAredditor6 kun oldin
  • So how many miles on the Morrvair since it was launched?

    Ergo SmedleyErgo Smedley7 kun oldin
  • Love the undercarriage shot in the rocks, and the side shot of the Morevair blasting across the sand. You guys are just so much fun to watch.

    Michael O'ConnorMichael O'Connor7 kun oldin
  • Seems like there might be a market for mobile sxs repair out there.

    Jordan CiaramitaroJordan Ciaramitaro8 kun oldin
  • The easy was that you solve the problem always is so interesting, and the t shirt as advertising is so much better than a calling card. Please keep the Videos coming, a change from Real life for me

    Steve RaySteve Ray8 kun oldin
  • Wait what happened to Mr. Ed?

    Daymeian RichardsonDaymeian Richardson8 kun oldin
  • Where's Lizzy???

    Christopher DentonChristopher Denton9 kun oldin
  • Makes you wonder just what in the hell some of these people were thinking.

    Shane StampsShane Stamps9 kun oldin
  • I’m not sure some of these people have even walked in sand, let alone driven in it.

    MilkMan81MilkMan819 kun oldin
  • It's a dry heat! Lol!

    Andrew GivensAndrew Givens9 kun oldin
  • Matt really loves Harbor Freight doesn't he lol

    Eric JohnsonEric Johnson9 kun oldin
  • You should get an electric mountainboard for Rudy to use when filming.

    RadialHeadRadialHead10 kun oldin
  • Love you lizzy god bless you

    Manuel SerranoManuel Serrano10 kun oldin
  • I have wanted to know for a bit why did have the front has the primary drive

    Michael SaundersMichael Saunders10 kun oldin
  • Did you ever get rid of the high stall torque converter? Should if you haven’t!

    Paul Paul 10 kun oldin
  • Try 95 degrees with 90% humidity. Ugh

    Beau GroverBeau Grover10 kun oldin
  • "We're dieing of humid" 🤣 too funny. I'm going to use that here in Florida. Honestly though if it was anywhere near 100° here with a 70%-90% "humid" level as is the majority of our year. I would not go outside. Other good ways of saying it's humid. Is its humugid or the air you can wear!

    SirWilliamSirWilliam10 kun oldin
  • Trevor saying “When I was 19.” is interesting because he could pass for 28 or 48 now.

    Nathan TranbargerNathan Tranbarger10 kun oldin
  • 10 psi max. id go 4 to 8psi

    The Adventure CrewThe Adventure Crew10 kun oldin
  • more food reviews please.. I go up to Utah a few times here and there would like to get some foodie recommendations. The creamery was one of the best. Now I am hooked on cheese curd..LOL

    waterboy0873waterboy087310 kun oldin
  • Lol. Love the vid, but eyes did roll at the 40 percent humidity comment and how hot that makes it. STL avgs 70 to 80 percent with summer temps in the high 90s. Cant imagine Jax FL. Would love me some dry 100 plus summer days. Hate humidity.

    KickKick11 kun oldin
  • Is it common over there for off road activity in 100 plus heat? WTH!?

    Raymond McDonaldRaymond McDonald11 kun oldin
  • 40% humidity at 90 degrees? That's a great day!

    Ross HamiltonRoss Hamilton11 kun oldin
  • That winch battery lol. I'd like to see the spec sheet for that battery as many can only be drained less than a dozen times before the chemicals inside are exhausted.

    Bob the SlackerBob the Slacker11 kun oldin
  • Just a casual "let me drift a bit here to get aligned" flex by Matt there at 11:15

    Adam GarciaAdam Garcia11 kun oldin
  • You guys should check out Dan C Bearded’s channel and get them beards right!

    Nick PierceNick Pierce11 kun oldin
  • Good job Lizzy! Where is Ed?

    Dana LeightonDana Leighton11 kun oldin
  • how many sunglasses does Lizzy own?

    Cedric OxenhamCedric Oxenham12 kun oldin
  • I love your car, it can handle everything

    AlejandroAlejandro12 kun oldin
  • Lizzy, when are you going to start a horse channel? My 13 year old niece likes off roading and dirt bikes, but she loves horses! I think she'd like a Lizzy horse channel, and I'd like to see you make a go of one...??? You're an inspiration to young women everywhere, keep going.

    MeterMeter12 kun oldin
  • Have not seen Rudy lately is he ok ?

    Levy DanLevy Dan12 kun oldin
    • Sorry should said Ed not Rudy is Ed doing ok ?

      Levy DanLevy Dan12 kun oldin
  • Awesome

    Funny WorldFunny World12 kun oldin
  • 40% humidity lmfao. My dehumidifier shuts off at 50.

    chad baldwinchad baldwin12 kun oldin
  • "The grass is always greener..." Here on the east coast we don't notice the humidity until about 85%.

    vectorm4vectorm412 kun oldin
  • This show is a complete fraud. It is all set up.

    Tyrone LawTyrone Law13 kun oldin
  • Seems as if stupid people keep yall in business 🤔

    bobbin muddbobbin mudd13 kun oldin
  • I love I’m dying of humid. Lizzy is precious.

    ST HST H13 kun oldin
  • 6:59 what a idiot, couldn't even get the name right. Recovery! Not towing

    jonjon13 kun oldin
  • I wonder if that Toyota has a rear diff full of water.....

    Split Second MagicianSplit Second Magician13 kun oldin
  • I love this channel. Such a great compliment of team members and interesting content.

    Mike EllingMike Elling13 kun oldin
  • Matt, good question what air pressure should a RZR or Maverick should it have out on sand hollow?

    Jehova SerratoJehova Serrato13 kun oldin
  • I think I enjoy the half fab work/ rescue vids the best

    Cory SmithCory Smith13 kun oldin
  • Maybe if you shave off the Santa Claus🎅beard you could handle the heat.

    Josh P.Josh P.13 kun oldin
  • We need more MORRvair shenanigans from Matt! Banana is coming along nicely and I am so impressed with the fab skills. Rock on!

    Mort BatchelderMort Batchelder13 kun oldin
  • I can't believe you guys don't have air conditioning in that truck

  • Atleast you guys don't have the humidity we have in the morning south. I feel for you guys

    Sid MaySid May13 kun oldin
  • Watching your videos I don’t think I would ever buy a off road vehicle like these Razors. Buy a true vehicle like a Jeep.

    Paul HarrisPaul Harris14 kun oldin
  • i prefer this format, lots of small video's

    secondkingsecondking14 kun oldin
  • I'm not sure anyone's mentioned it but you may want to get some foam on the rollbar on the interior of the truck near your passengers heads that could cause some fairly bad injuries in a rollover situation.

    Sauron969Sauron96914 kun oldin
  • Matt’s Offshore Recovery

    Andre HAndre H14 kun oldin
  • Rusty: Gee, dad, I'll bet you jumped the car over 40 feet! Dad: That's nothing to be proud about, Rusty....yeah, 40 feet...

    ksb2112ksb211214 kun oldin
  • Come to Ohio 100 degrees 100 % humidity, even people from Florida ask how we can stand it. We're tough

    William BurdonWilliam Burdon14 kun oldin
  • What is that truck cab from is it a mash up Frankenstein vehicle made from multiple vehicle? and is it legal to put a different cab on a chassis?

    Catamaran tooCatamaran too14 kun oldin
  • have you ever got stuck?

    sabrina barbonesabrina barbone14 kun oldin
  • Hey where are these guys located out of?? Just found this channel and I love it !!!!!

    Caitlin GARNISHCaitlin GARNISH15 kun oldin
    • Hurrican, UT

      Marshal DownsMarshal Downs14 kun oldin
  • I don’t know why Rudy didn’t take his boots off first.

    Stang413Stang41315 kun oldin
  • when AAA just ain't gonna cut it...

    James ShelnuttJames Shelnutt15 kun oldin
  • 40%!!?!?! Come to Maryland in August 100 degrees with 95 % humidity

    Edwin MercerEdwin Mercer15 kun oldin
  • Nice Buckle!

    Bert JonesBert Jones15 kun oldin
  • Love that machine

    john bodnarjohn bodnar15 kun oldin
  • Matt, you're hotter than Phoenix. Sure glad to share the heat. lol

    Ken DoeKen Doe15 kun oldin
  • 46% humidity....I would give anything to have it that low at that high of temp lol!!!

    Conservative HippieConservative Hippie15 kun oldin
  • Does the Morrvair have AC?

    Preston RichPreston Rich15 kun oldin

    Damon RapadaDamon Rapada15 kun oldin