This Is Going To Take The Wrecker. Nasty Camper Rescue!

So I got a call for camper stuck in the mud pit in Sand Hollow. I learned the Morrvair can't do it all.


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  • Matt love d way o keep all family together..very Nice..God bless all off u...

    Ana PinheiroAna Pinheiro6 soat oldin
  • $80,000 GMC 3500 duelly truck saved by a tieny-tiny Corvair. --- Impossible, they said. ---

    Lance LeavittLance Leavitt17 soat oldin
  • I always found that if you are being pulled out put it in neutral so you don't keep digging a hole let the puller pull you up and out just saying

    rick schwartzrick schwartz20 soat oldin
  • The "hook truck" is beyond crazy kool! Your channel was UZgreen recommended and they did not miss on this one. I'm an ex U.S.A.F Aircraft Pneudraulics (Hydraulics/Pneumatics) System Tech. stationed at Edward's A.F.B in the Mojave Desert, my point is, as bright as we were, and with all of the technology we had at that time, (no smart phones yet) we could and did get stuck for hours when we went out to play. We never had anything as awesome as your hook truck for getting vehicles out of the sand. I learned real fast packing a cooler with sandwiches, cold sodas, and bringing a tent was a necessity in the desert when the brightest and the best the A.F. had decide trying to race in sand was a great idea, every chance we could. 😂

    Beverly CollinsBeverly CollinsKun oldin
  • They make money on dumb asses driving onto soft sand. And there's clearly no shortage of them. But I'll give them some credit as many people are misled by these producers of Jeeps etc giving the customer the false impression that they are off road worthy when they are not. Taking risks on soft surfaces can only lead you to a big rescue expense.

  • Just love the camera work here… Several different angles including the drone… It doesn’t have to be complicated either. A couple of GoPros and a Mavic Mini and you’re producing a show!

    John van GurpJohn van Gurp2 kun oldin
  • the guy with the dually needs to be sent home never to leave the pavement again

    46Rambo46Rambo2 kun oldin
  • Really like the sound of the Morvairs growl when she's pulling

    William BoggessWilliam Boggess2 kun oldin
  • so cool

    Lusiphur StarLineLusiphur StarLine2 kun oldin
  • Imagine using a tow truck to tow something

    cal gourleycal gourley3 kun oldin
  • Those traction boards or maxtraxs are a must have, If you're rich buy the originals but the cheapies work just as good. 4 is the minimum you need, one under each wheel usually, they get you back up on top rather than winch through the mud. When you need them, you really need them but there's nothing better to get out of floorboard deep mud.

    Dusty FarmerDusty Farmer3 kun oldin
  • That sand is a real money spot for you guys.

    Paul ReynoldsPaul Reynolds4 kun oldin
  • They are using a ford ? Suprised it didn't blow its pussy out

    chad dalzielchad dalziel4 kun oldin
  • How refreshing to observe a well documented channel. A honest and wholesome family buisness without the need of bad language. Thank you and best wishes from the UK.

    robert hallrobert hall4 kun oldin
  • Y'all do the best recovery on the planet morvar. Is sweet when I was about 5 years old or 6 we had corvar I'm 61 now my mom would kill it at red lights and 🛑 brother and sisters would get out and push. ✌️

    K PitK Pit4 kun oldin
  • LOVE the Corvair!

    John IJohn I4 kun oldin
  • Who would want to camp in that big filled mud pit.

    N BN B4 kun oldin
  • Are the tires on these stuck trucks all packed with sand or are they really worn and shouldn't be anywhere near soft soil/sand?

    D PalmerD Palmer5 kun oldin
  • Quick! Plant some corn and take advantage of those deep furrows!

    Get SmarterGet Smarter5 kun oldin
  • Anyone else feel like they're cheating on Ariel Tweto?

    Mickey BitskoMickey Bitsko6 kun oldin
  • What a rewarding job. Helping people. Using expertise and experience. Accomplishing new things. Problem solving. Teamwork. Being outdoors.

    JM RichardsJM Richards6 kun oldin
  • great job

    Kris MarshallKris Marshall8 kun oldin
  • That is the coolest, ugliest, badass 'corvair' I've ever seen. 👍🏻

    Gitmo GoodtimesGitmo Goodtimes9 kun oldin
  • Good job !!!!

    Tim GavinTim Gavin15 kun oldin
  • Please tell me he emptied the trailer first?

    Ed PerryEd Perry18 kun oldin
  • Lizzy wearing the MORR swag while dancing. 😂🤣

    MDL FNGRMDL FNGR20 kun oldin
  • Like the use of Max Tracks. Every 4WD in Australia uses them.

    Old Hat ManOld Hat Man22 kun oldin
  • I often say: "there is no substitute for experience" Matt will share a nugget or two in his videos. For me, one came at the end. Good to know about power braking the diesels. Thanks. I also just have to say: I NEVER get tired of hearing your Covair.

    MondavouMondavou23 kun oldin
  • Man, you never winch anything, didn't know you had a tow truck! Nice to see some winching! Really made sense?

    DigDig26 kun oldin
  • I've only been watching for about a month but I've been watching your videos like 3-4 hours at a time. And one of the main things I've noticed is that you're all on a positive note. Like someone else had commented you guys always make the people feel good about having done something right. I live out here in the Southern California desert and we have loose sand. Around Salton Sea where the water has receded we have mud. I must say I've gotten some great ideas by watching you guys keep up the good work!!

    Max OrtegaMax Ortega27 kun oldin
  • Just push it over with a bull dozer.

    BarsabusBarsabus29 kun oldin
  • This type of private laissez faire entrepreneurship is what America was built on and to me, what makes America great. So long as there’s guys out in Utah getting their four-wheelers stuck he’ll thrive and survive. I’m glad that it’s a business that can’t be taken over by some sort of capitalist monopolist like the Walton family or Jeff Bezos…….at least so far.

    Tony BernetichTony BernetichOy oldin
  • Is that a pumpkin face on the pumpkin? 😂

    Josh MacNealJosh MacNealOy oldin
  • круто!

    BEPO4KABEPO4KAOy oldin
  • Those orange recovery boards look like mini spine boards.

    Garrett GrafGarrett GrafOy oldin
  • Make a video of power brake technique.

    Christopher MeadowsChristopher MeadowsOy oldin
  • Olá 🙋🙋🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🖐️🖐️🖐️

    Davi JorgeDavi JorgeOy oldin
  • I know you guys don’t do it for the fame but Y’all deserve more subs for sure

    Tony HerreraTony HerreraOy oldin
  • The weather girl should be in a bikini

    grngs1grngs1Oy oldin
  • More of a tractor job if anybody was not too far away.

    4wdfarm4wdfarmOy oldin
  • These people be killing me man your toy holler does not go down by the beach your toys go down by the beach smh

    Ryan BehrendtRyan BehrendtOy oldin
  • super curious, when you help someone else on the way out from a tow, do you charge them?

    HD FPV 2015HD FPV 2015Oy oldin
  • Nice job guys thanks for sharing your videos

    Carlos FCarlos FOy oldin
  • Now that’s one nice corvair!!!!!

    Roger MonteeRoger MonteeOy oldin
  • I'm wondering how much the first guy payed for recovering his RV Trailer ;-) The second one might have been "for free"?

    vass ilikavass ilikaOy oldin
  • corvair should be all high visibility yellow ! Why is it not ! I want to see it coming in the dark or at sunset just saying

    shawn cellshawn cellOy oldin
  • No problem with enough Power but the Caravan Axles could go peetong !! Rider boards might have eased her up

    James LindleyJames LindleyOy oldin
  • Super Duty Looks and Sounds The Dogs Cahoonahs !!!!!!!!

    James LindleyJames LindleyOy oldin
  • Not usually a fan of the look of older vehicles but the moorvair is one badass rig.

    DarrylDarrylOy oldin
  • Matt puts his wrecker where no other tow truck operator would. Surprised he can walk with those balls he's carrying around

    Master BatesMaster BatesOy oldin
  • WoW! Cool!

    Keith RichardsKeith RichardsOy oldin
  • Should have had off-road tires on that truck..oh wait..

    JoeKJoeKOy oldin
  • I buried my van at Karachi Hawsbay beach many times can you come over there to help if I call

    Sajjad MohammadSajjad MohammadOy oldin
  • The V8 in that Corvair sounds wonderful!!

    David HarshfieldDavid HarshfieldOy oldin
  • job security because of privileged individuals who think they can do what ever they want

    Another Day with JAnother Day with JOy oldin
  • Watching here from the Philippines

    Joel FangsilatJoel FangsilatOy oldin
  • Nice new trailer. Try unloading the trailer lol

    Bear BonesBear BonesOy oldin
  • Great channel and videos, but you got to have your camera guys stay out of the shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    AdriAdriOy oldin
  • I had a similar experience last summer at Lake Mconoughy in western Nebraska. The lake level had receded recently and the exposed sand looked driveable. But my 1994 Silverado K2500 with BFGoodrich all terrains broke through into the underlying muck and dug in. Coincidentally another 1994 K2500 pulled me out, though with a loooong tow strap.

    JimJimOy oldin
  • Do you do the second pull out complimentary or do you charge for that also?

    Don HDon HOy oldin

    Robert BealsRobert BealsOy oldin
  • The title sounds like it's a nasty filthy camper that's just too dirty to be saved LOL

    MetalfaceMetalfaceOy oldin
  • I love how everyone goes, that can can pull this? naw......then they are like WOW

    Hayden FisherHayden FisherOy oldin
  • Coole Aktion. Ich hätte mit meinem Unimog auch geholfen...💪💪

    Heiko JenneHeiko JenneOy oldin
  • Awesome..🙏🙏

    Om GurkhaOm GurkhaOy oldin
  • Hello the tires will be 20 air In Saudi Arabia

    salemx_x502salemx_x502Oy oldin
  • T-shirts for sale to support the UZgreen channel??

    guy emailguy emailOy oldin
  • i'll guess $2000,00

    Rich HRich HOy oldin
  • Thanks guys for posting would love to know what job like that cost

    jim worthamjim worthamOy oldin
  • Is that a Chrysler? hahahaha

    Natasha HeimbergNatasha HeimbergOy oldin
  • Good episode!

    Mike's Road TripMike's Road TripOy oldin
  • Lots of good reasons I never go to Sand Hollow. In the 60s I drove a Homes 500 wrecker. Kept 300 feet of wire rope just to pull people out at the Great Salt Lake mud.

    wa7zbowa7zboOy oldin
  • Why is it always the Ford, Dodge tow vehicle getting stuck, just saying !

    Tony FontanaTony FontanaOy oldin
  • He needs some off road tires on his Ford

  • Rudy: It was not a Jet Ski -- It was a Sea-Doo.

    samson3000samson3000Oy oldin
  • I am watching Matt's Off-road Recovery rather than the news. Good stuff! 👍😁

    Simon L.Simon L.Oy oldin
  • Problem is his truck has too much lift which makes the back of the camper ride low and drag.

    jeremy74powjeremy74powOy oldin
  • Interesting that he only uses petrol motors not diesel

    mrd2u1mrd2u1Oy oldin
  • Matt and Team, I am in East Gippsland in Victoria Australia currently in lockdown again. I have been binge watching your show and I love it. I drive a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero have owned a few 4X4's and looking forward to out warmer months and going to the High country here in AU. Still decking the Pajero out as I wait for stuff to arrive, you have given me back the urge to go camping here when the tracks get opened up. Take Care all of you Cheers Ralf

    Ralf WischnatRalf WischnatOy oldin
  • The stupidity of some people is just unreal 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    mega0876mega0876Oy oldin
  • Good job guys you are awesome

    Braulio CortezBraulio CortezOy oldin
  • Nice edits: I like the dancers cutting in for a few seconds and the drone shots. Very cool 👍

    cosmicranger1cosmicranger1Oy oldin
  • You guys got it going on.i enjoy every one of your videos.

    Rudy EllisRudy EllisOy oldin
  • You call I haul you bitch I unhitch! Unlike Matt I don't do free ones got sued once helping for free NEVER AGAIN !

    pete Diamondpete DiamondOy oldin
  • You can tell that guy with the trailer was a jerk one of those guys oh my truck will go through anything and the kind of the guy that rides your ass with his big truck! That would have been a 1500 dollar pull if I did it ! I hope Matt got paid well .

    pete Diamondpete DiamondOy oldin
  • I love listening to Matt teach. I pretend he's talking to me

    Gabriel Felix MuñozGabriel Felix MuñozOy oldin
  • Seems like a waste of money to bring 3 vehicles out there for one to do all the work.

    Utoob SurfingUtoob SurfingOy oldin
  • Drama queens my land Rover would have done that, with my mum driving

    Tom CroydonTom CroydonOy oldin
    • Land rovers are too heavy to drive on this sand. Every time one of those get stuck out here, we just send a regular tow truck because it’s only a few feet from pavement. Lol

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Learn how to use the maxtrax they are awesome

    bitzelbitzelOy oldin
  • Hey Lizzy are you single? can I take you for a dance?

    Michael ArnoldMichael ArnoldOy oldin
  • At 9:50 looks like a ufo behind Matt and Lizzy

    Crowbear GalindoCrowbear GalindoOy oldin
  • That modded corvair is just fabulous, what a stunning machine

    Elevated EntropyElevated EntropyOy oldin
  • For future reference, what do you charge for a tow like this?

    Joe AJoe AOy oldin
  • Use the camper for a duck blind

    Donald DuckDonald DuckOy oldin
  • Now what would be a " Definite " Improvement " to All these Videos, would be if they " Audibly Played " The " Our Gang Theme Song " " After Each Rescoe " !

    Cray fishCray fishOy oldin
  • @ 1:36 There is a Lesson to be Learned by all of this !

    Cray fishCray fishOy oldin
  • 7:07 YEP MERICA

    Jimmy LeblancJimmy LeblancOy oldin
  • Well done on the Moorvair. I see now why it's needed in heavier rescue work.

    Dan EdwardsDan EdwardsOy oldin
  • Nice vid!

    vanlife_unlimitedvanlife_unlimitedOy oldin
  • Have you ever thought of using lift bags that expand with compressed air? I could see it being able to lift a buried trailer or car and then back fill the ruts before pulling it out.

    Daniel MarekDaniel MarekOy oldin