Seriously?! That Things Gonna Get Me Out?!

So I got a call for some jobs in the desert, but the last job everyone keeps asking for a sign.


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  • As a fellow Jeeper with a WJ, I love this.

    Kyle BKyle B3 daqiqa oldin
  • 1:02 That's what's gonna get me out? "Few Moments Later" 2:30 I've always wanted one of these hehe..

    J&M dealingsJ&M dealings54 daqiqa oldin

    Dan B.Dan B.Soat oldin
  • Super annoying when a customer acts like they know more than you do. But it’s fun to prove them wrong

    Ben HearneBen HearneSoat oldin
  • Home girl hasn’t learned not to judge a book by it’s cover 🔥💪

    JAWJAWSoat oldin
  • Not actually mopar under the hood right? So unreliable.

  • doing a good service for people

    DrathmorDrathmor2 soat oldin
  • She had nothing to worry about, Matt could get her out with a Suzuki Jimmy and a long enough bit of string :)

    cris rosecris rose2 soat oldin
  • 40ft down the road those floor mats flew away.

    ZtirffritzZtirffritz3 soat oldin
  • Love it!!

    Midnight Road GarageMidnight Road Garage3 soat oldin
  • She has to ask twice I'd turned around on the first comment.

    TrainPlanesimTrainPlanesim4 soat oldin
  • 1:00 - Why does this look like the start of a video from another well known website? "What's the camera for?" ...

    Haze1434Haze14344 soat oldin
  • Oh yeah easy! … 🎤mic-drop

    John StewartJohn Stewart6 soat oldin
  • Nice work 👍

    Bruce MorrisBruce Morris12 soat oldin
  • Was this guy a Teddy Bear in his passed life? Absolute golden content!

    Banjo PattersonBanjo Patterson12 soat oldin
  • Do Americans not use recovery boards at all? They put every other accessory on their truck, except one that will actually help you.

    James PhilemonJames Philemon12 soat oldin
  • How many times do millennials chicks have to ask if you’re sure, I live in vacation town They me for directions I tell them and they ask me if I’m sure well why don’t they ask their phone if it’s sure

    Squiggy G.Squiggy G.13 soat oldin
  • "That thing's going to get me out" Translation: you mean to tell me that my husband spent over $50,000 dollars for an offroad truck and your 1990's jeep is better for off road than mine? 🤪

    Popeye SailorPopeye Sailor14 soat oldin
    • I have a 96 XJ with full lockers and climb or claw my way through anything

      Terry JohnsonTerry Johnson3 soat oldin
  • ur husband is absolutely not gonna notice that something happend with his mats

    TurtleIsNotAngryTurtleIsNotAngry14 soat oldin
  • Pro tip: Get people on whatsapp and share location. 10x easier than when people don't know where exactly they are.

    goldriddergoldridder14 soat oldin
  • Stupid Ass People

    Mark ShumwayMark Shumway15 soat oldin
  • cool channel!

    Nux BoxenNux Boxen16 soat oldin
  • So this "Karen" keeps asking if "that thing is going to get me out" and she is the one who buried a 4X4 and tried to use floor mats to get out. She needs to just STFU and let these guys do their job. SMH

    John ConnerJohn Conner16 soat oldin
  • You obviously made a few mistakes, girl..

    Boots_And_Slicks14Boots_And_Slicks1416 soat oldin
  • Sooo BOSS, THIS SHALLOW TRAIL was more than you could handle, will you admit CHEVY? my guess is no.

    Cecil B DementoCecil B Demento16 soat oldin
  • NGL I didn't know you could hit the tow hook that hard, that jeep HAS to be reinforced; nice pull.

    IFrag PSNIFrag PSN17 soat oldin
  • no lift, no winch, no tow straps, no come along, no snatch block, no NOTHING! Def no water food or mad pack and they thought it was ok to go driving in the desert???? IDIOTS!

    Elizabeth FieldsElizabeth Fields17 soat oldin
  • I love Jeep and is a Jeep man. I'm on my third jeep 2000 (4.0L Straight Six), 2004 (V8), 2015 Summit (5.7L HEMI) and I would never own anything else but a Toyota Tacoma (If push came to shove). Great video!

    Chris GreenChris Green17 soat oldin
  • That guy with the corolla was terrified his front end was going to fly off, but he wasn't thinking when he decided to take it off roading, hhhmmmmm!!!

    Jorge PosadasJorge Posadas17 soat oldin
  • Wear a seat belt Grandpa! lol

    Tristan NguyenTristan Nguyen17 soat oldin
  • Yea I’d be surprised when that thing pulled out my truck too.

    Bow123224Bow12322419 soat oldin
  • women drivers lmao

    TheWeardale1TheWeardale119 soat oldin
  • Off roading unprepared? Not too bright. Apparently the husband didnt know? What's up with that?

    Bill JenkinsBill Jenkins19 soat oldin
  • Thats how you pull a stuck truck out. Alot of people don't know how to use a tow strap

    sean maressean mares19 soat oldin
  • “LET’S GO BRANDON”….!!!!!

    MandingoMandingo20 soat oldin
  • paved trail boss - chevy

    DomDom20 soat oldin
  • how much does this cost?

    PandakingPandaking21 soat oldin
  • Boring. Af.

    Lit A. FartonceLit A. Fartonce21 soat oldin
  • I saw Z71, but I didn't see any 4x4 decals, so tell me that was not a 4x4 Z71 Silverado 1500, which I had and thought it could easily drive through that kind of terrain... (If not, glad I never tried)

    Michael FalcigliaMichael Falciglia21 soat oldin
  • So she now has to pay to straighten our the chassis around the towing eye or what? That seemed brutal!

    Steve CarterSteve Carter21 soat oldin
  • Duuude, I like the way your Jeep sounds. More Power👍🏼👍🏼😎

  • So how did you accept payment from her? :^)

    The Glow CloudThe Glow Cloud22 soat oldin
  • 2:05 if that was a British truck and you put your foot down to tow it out as fast as that you would have probably pulled it off the Chassis

    j kj k22 soat oldin
  • I made a mistake and got a hello kitty tattoo, oh yea and bought a chevy...

    B. D.B. D.22 soat oldin
  • Need to scratch off that “Trail Boss” decal.

    CenturionPlaysCenturionPlays22 soat oldin
  • That Toyota (Corolla?) has me wondering how many of these rescues are people who put too much trust in their navigation system? ~12y ago I ended up on a gravel mountain road that became much more challenging than I expected. Overgrown vegetation ended up scuffing up the clear coat on our then-new Highlander. Fortunately we got through it without needing to hike to somewhere with cell coverage. That said, ~40y ago my parents used to get us up/down some sketchy roads in unsuitable cars, like a VW Bus my father took to a mountain meadow and a compact ford station wagon that my mother took on a long washboarded and occasionally severly rutted desert road somewhere in Southern, Utah. No navigation system involved.

    Tech ObsessedTech Obsessed22 soat oldin
  • just want to say thank you for the metric conversions :)

    WernerWerner22 soat oldin
  • I thought that hard initial yank was going to break something.

    sanjuanstevesanjuansteve22 soat oldin
  • City people are dumb. I bet her husband was like "I need a 60k truck for 4x4 in the sand dunes"

    ok gook go23 soat oldin
  • Chevy Z71, trail tested 😂😂😂😂

    Google SucksGoogle Sucks23 soat oldin
  • Thanks for the random recommendation UZgreen. That was fun. Oh, and guys... wear them seat belts. Do it for your loved ones, if not for yourself. You'll thank at some point in life ;-)

    Harry HalfmoonHarry Halfmoon23 soat oldin
  • they could have got out of the sand trap with a shovel and some beach towels & rubber mats. Figure it out.

    nwo foenwo foe23 soat oldin
  • Flattering, gives her a 2xx

  • "That thing's gonna get me out?" "Yes, that thing that is equipped for offroad use is going to pull your road truck out of there no problem"

    ss ssss ss23 soat oldin
  • Lol, almost worth driving down there and getting stuck so I can get one of the T Shirts! :)

    DanzigDanzigKun oldin
  • Too much sand, think ill stick with the snow

    SuicidelGSuicidelGKun oldin
  • I have to say that Matt and crew are vey non fault finding with these people. Would love to hear the conversation at the dinner table e.g. why the f%$# would anybody take a Toyota Corolla into country like that.

    pijntopijntoKun oldin
  • That’s going to get me out?! That thing?! Yes of course I’ll get you out especially after you’ll be paying me about 10k

    Angel GutierrezAngel GutierrezKun oldin
  • What state are you guys in?

    Dominic CommissoDominic CommissoKun oldin
  • 1:00 She is kinda cute

    toorimakuntoorimakunKun oldin
  • All she had to do was drop the tire pressure

    Michael DinkowitzMichael DinkowitzKun oldin
  • I've just stumbled across this channel. Amazing! Q. Where was the first incident? Q. Do you get the cash upfront for recovery? Presumably the answer is yes.

    Tim AmesTim AmesKun oldin
  • 3:09 that’s what she said

    abdularhman alomraniabdularhman alomraniKun oldin
  • is this legal to talk on the phone like that while driving in murica? xD

    2sdd2sddKun oldin
  • i didnt know pumphrey from donut media was also owned an offroad recovery company

    robert yehrobert yehKun oldin
  • how you get stuck in sandy beach while driving a 4 x4, damn muricans, they all need a PHd just to be able to survive everyday life.......

    Jorge NascimentoJorge NascimentoKun oldin
  • Shes in awed????

    kodekkZkodekkZKun oldin
  • "Those are a little heavy in the sand" - I like how kind he's being there.

    norman charlesnorman charlesKun oldin
  • It just goes to show, it's not how big it is; it's how you use it. Quality over quantity.

    Neil JamisonNeil JamisonKun oldin
  • jeez you can tell that women is really dumb. Hello kitty tattoo? Hahaha jeez....

    Professor Finesser Professor Finesser Kun oldin
  • One day those straps are going to snap when you blast off like on that pickup. better hope you don't get whacked by flying parts. I like my winch and double snatch blocks much safer and more pulling power.

    Tony LargeTony LargeKun oldin
  • What brand of rubber band tow strap is that your using?

    Girthy 10 incherGirthy 10 incherKun oldin
  • Holy Shit!!!! How did her chassis frame not get yanked out from your sling shot extraction.........?

    cryptocoinscafecryptocoinscafeKun oldin
  • No video of the swimming?????

    thebronzetoothebronzetooKun oldin
  • With todays vehicles I bet you get a lot of work because they dont turn their traction control off. Worst thing ever invented.

    Maurice DentMaurice DentKun oldin
  • They bought a “Trail boss”

    Ernest AdamesErnest AdamesKun oldin
  • I thought this would be a normal video about an off road recovery, but it turned out to be a fake drama like the goddamned fake reality shows on network television. I feel like I'm watching the fucking pawn stars. I'll move on.

    James PurcerJames PurcerKun oldin
    • Bye.

      thebronzetoothebronzetooKun oldin
  • this real content is a real job indeed

    Anggie HarygustiaAnggie HarygustiaKun oldin
  • good lord that chick is a textbook disaster

    Meat Missile F1-11Meat Missile F1-11Kun oldin
  • Could this have been staged just to make another video?

    guy proulxguy proulxKun oldin
  • So... if that rope failed, the woman was in harms way... how does no one think about that? Some pros.

    Third SinThird SinKun oldin
  • Thanks for the videos. I live near a beach that allows driving. When I was out fishing a couple of days ago a woman came by my spot and asked for help. She had a Jeep Cherokee up to its axles. I've got a Suburban so not lightweight. What I learned from your video is that it is ok to hook to front axles. I could not reach the axle but some other guys came over and were able to hook onto her shock absorber tower under the hood. We dug out a little so it wasn't such a tug to get her started. Next time I'll work harder to get to the axle. Do you charge for your service?

    jbm 135jbm 135Kun oldin
  • That four wheel dune buggy thing didn 't look like it had been end over end twice. Couldn't see a scratch on it, except a flat tire. Looked brand new too.

    SausageSausageKun oldin
  • 2:18 Those little girls are just too cute!

    E ZE ZKun oldin
  • she seemed super chill

    Taylor LimaTaylor LimaKun oldin
  • Sugar sand? No problem! My Corolla was built for that!!!

    firebirdude2firebirdude2Kun oldin
  • That big ass truck of hers is made for towing shit, not to be a dune buggy.

    fox23vajfox23vajKun oldin
  • The first customer. If I was married to her I would kill myself

    markspencer171markspencer171Kun oldin
  • Commen sense (Toyota) has left the chat!!!!! And asphalt🤣

    Gary GruenznerGary GruenznerKun oldin
  • Wow, you all are good! Great work, great content.

    Bradley ReinhartBradley ReinhartKun oldin
  • I grew up in Sand Hollow Idaho. Different place.

    Daniel SiegelDaniel SiegelKun oldin
  • I love that the costumer is filming hahaha

    Dislob3Dislob3Kun oldin