Massive Cooling System Upgrade For The Jeep Banana!

So I got a Jeep build and it's time for some major upgrades!


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  • Is job well done

    Gayle SweeneyGayle Sweeney45 daqiqa oldin
  • There is a digital firing system made for high hp straight 6 motors, the race builder that makes them is on youtube with the highest hp jeep 6cyl with turbo, but you chose and awesome power plant.

    Jason HansenJason Hansen17 soat oldin
  • Check out the dual brushless fans for diesel sled pullers, they rip CFM's too with no drag. I took the Clutch fan off of my weekend duramax toy and installed a 4 core all aluminum with $1300 dual brushless fan set up from duramax store. I am in Texas so heat and humidity are staples of life. Motor doesn't create as much heat w/o the fan especially at normal driving speed , when i make 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile drags it can get a little hot but nothing dangerous.

    Jason HansenJason Hansen17 soat oldin
  • you know that you can get a cap with a hard hat lining looks like cap just you don not hit your head. i use it at work when i can get away with it! otherwise i have to use a safety helmet

    Jean von PickartzJean von Pickartz2 kun oldin
  • I feel so emasculated after watching this. I can barely change my wiper fluid.

    PaulPaul2 kun oldin
  • Have you tried Evans Waterless Coolant in your Banana? Since there is no water, the boiling point is much higher than traditional coolant. Just a thought...

    BigSkyBigSky4 kun oldin
  • Fan Clutch. Yes, a clutch for the fan. Not Clutch Fan which I hate to hear people say. Sounds like a fan on the bell housing blowing on the clutch.

    Randy TolleRandy Tolle8 kun oldin
  • I love the fab videos. This one is "Kickin It". Thanks lads

    Trevor McGrathTrevor McGrath25 kun oldin
  • What steering do you guys run on that XJ?

    ExarachExarach26 kun oldin
  • why you don't use a diesel engine... they have better hitting management and more torque....?

    Mikhail FMikhail F29 kun oldin
  • It's like AVE says, turn until you hear a crack, go a quarter turn back!

    Jesse WJesse WOy oldin
  • I’m having heating issues can you do a video more in depth on the water pump and the belts you are using or just let me know some how

    Kassi NyquistKassi NyquistOy oldin
  • Mopar or no car (or truck)

    Brody HeiligBrody HeiligOy oldin
  • "tighten it till it cracks, then back it off a quarter turn" - AVE

    William GleavesWilliam GleavesOy oldin
  • You need a shroud to increase air flow, saw that in a car craft years ago! Yes they hand fabricated it!

    Leroy DucharmeLeroy DucharmeOy oldin
    • Most definitely.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Muffler ✅ Fabricate hanging bracket w/claw hammer ✅ Weld said bracket and other suspect areas✅ Cranks truck and belt sounds terrible… We don’t change belts pops sorry. 😂

    Dman430Dman430Oy oldin
  • 12:41 that exchange was hilarious.

    Don KoltzDon KoltzOy oldin
  • Matt - from the UK and LOVE your channel so well produced (amazon or netflix quality) informative and lets be honest Jeeps 'aint good off-road landcruiser v8 is the daddy. Still what you have done to improve the banana has just shown how f'ing good you are and thats the reason I watch/sub. such a great fella and team. keep it up. Find a TV producer and go global..

    CharlieSpoonsCharlieSpoonsOy oldin
  • “It’s an alternative to modeling clay.” Hahaha. You all are the best Team ever. I am a Toyota man but truly learn something new each episode I watch as the wisdom nuggets are universal!

    Soul SurferSoul SurferOy oldin
  • Love y'all's videos, so happy to have found it. I am curious though, what fan/radiator/fan clutch are you using I want to learn to use it on my 91 XJ any information is greatly appreciated

    Luke WoodsonLuke WoodsonOy oldin
    • @Matt's Off Road Recovery oh I watch them all 🤘 just unsure which specific parts they were.

      Luke WoodsonLuke WoodsonOy oldin
    • It’s mostly 2003 Chevy Silverado stuff. If you watch this build video, you will see that it is a heavily involved swap. Starting with mounting a Toyota box on the outside of the frame.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • This is everything I grew up loving to watch on the discovery channel and tlc without all of the BS drama. So nice to be able to watch this with the whole family.

    Corey CastagnolaCorey CastagnolaOy oldin
  • Ed is like everyone’s Grandpa. I like how he told Rudy that weld looked terrible. No sugar coating. It was great seeing Matt help him even though he had a plane to catch.

    Stang413Stang413Oy oldin
  • Are you a Boogaloo? What's up with the shirt?

    dragonspirit1185dragonspirit1185Oy oldin
  • Ed makes a good taskmaster

    Horizon FenceHorizon FenceOy oldin
  • This is a repost I made on one of your videos ---> you need to do what we do out in west Texas where 100 plus is the norm and amp your oil cooler game way up..also going to a group 4 synthetic like Amsoil will not only eliminate 40-60 % of your heat causing friction it will also make your oil coolers more efficient with higher thermo wicking said you have spent thousands why not spend 3-5 hundred more (depending on what cooler solution you go with) I promise it's money well will truly be amazed with the results..btw love you all's style..just subscribed..look forward to watching all your videos..

    ferrelxferrelxOy oldin
    • Yup

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Howdy Howdy............ That shirt be Rowdy. FYI, Matt we don't wear shirts like that in Texas. Trade the Floral Print for Mossy Oak and your golden! Hope you have a good time in The Lone Star State!

    Eric RiggsEric RiggsOy oldin
  • About plastic impellers on water pumps and other critical parts,they shouldn't be on a motor. Metals if at all possible.

    G JenkinsG JenkinsOy oldin
  • I got to go to the airport in 1 hour... I think I'll change a muffler to pass the time. You are the best!!!

    John GenoveseJohn GenoveseOy oldin
  • You better check the sierras are closed due to fire hazard

    Arlan CripeArlan CripeOy oldin
  • What radiator and fan is that?

    MikeMikeOy oldin
  • I had similar overheating problems came to similar conclusions with my '79 Bronco. Final configuration was a F600 radiator shell from same '70s era truck , custom made 3 core, extra large passages, 100 percent drive stainless 7 bladed flex fan(no clutch). It is loud at high revs so I just turn up the radio. Always floats around 185-190 DegF, on the beach, revving in the sand, with A/C on. I'm fortunate that my vehicle has enough room for the large cooling system. Flow-cooler used to make a rivet-on back plate you could mount to you factory water pump. Worked for me.

    Bryan CondreyBryan CondreyOy oldin
  • So we have all kinds of information except WHAT THE MODEL NUMBERS IS ON THE COOLING FAN !!!! Is that a GM Trailblazer fan ? I could use that on my Jeep WJ . Great videos guys. And yes. Flow cooler pumps are actually crap. You can find other companies that have the enclosed impellers made of steel . I have two that I bought through Rock Auto. Just analyze photos and ask, EBay sellers have them as well . Stay safe guys … and gal !

    Doc FischerDoc FischerOy oldin
  • Slow the water down. If you're pushing the water through the radiator at warp speed, there's no chance in hell for it to do it's job, and cool the water. Don't use high volume, high speed, high performance water pumps.

    David ZimmerDavid ZimmerOy oldin
  • Talking about how much knowledge you have but yet thought mishimoto was a good choice for radiator 😂

    Johnny BravoJohnny BravoOy oldin
  • What fan and radiator is that. Very cool idea

    k10scoutk10scoutOy oldin
    • 2003 Chevy Silverado.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Trevor needs a wiring table. Watching all that leaning down from the chair with the wiring on the ground, my back started hurting.....

    Matthew RamsayMatthew RamsayOy oldin
  • I wonder if he knows California is on fire. I wonder if the secret mission is even still there?

    J VJ VOy oldin
  • Lmao " im drop some knowledge" Pulls out a electric fan from wish Shows us blown out stock water pumps and thinks its because of high revs.... Not its because you took a 4 blade fan and turned into 9... "Done lots of testing" ah yes shotty wires and no shroud with wish fans is "testing" The people who think they know what they are talking about. Think you take your car to maaco for paint jobs.

    First name Last nameFirst name Last nameOy oldin
  • What an awesome channel

    Yo DawgYo DawgOy oldin
  • Do you ever get good advice

    Mark EspichMark EspichOy oldin
  • The problem with mechanical fans is they're only gonna spin as long as your mechanical clutch holds up... For an offroad only rig, a solid fan adapter with no clutching mechanism is the way to go IMO... yeah, mpg will suck, it'll sound like a cessna, but one less part to fail. Plus, all clutches spin at a certain percentage of the pulley speed, it's never 100%... I'd love to find a plastic mechanical fan (preferably with more blades but lighter than the factory metal one) that would fit the stock radiator/shroud...

    dre04machdre04machOy oldin
  • Ed is the Man!

    george hillgeorge hillOy oldin
  • First crash for the year 2000 police ring me 5 past 12 New Years eve Good Morning Auto Salvage Police station here got a tow job ok Down in the river by ok What type of car cant miss it has two big blue lights on the top i could still here the laughing in the back ground from the police station Got their it had taken out an 11000 KVA POWER BOX and a lot more The Cop that was driving was 6-5 how the hell he got in the car has me thinking 21 years on should have done a book on it Barry NZ

    glyn1glyn1Oy oldin
  • Matt was in salvage for 25yrs here in NZ [ luckest 5yr Boy i have seen ] STARTS like this his Fathers other car blew a clutch he had to use the other car for transport so took the battery out of car with blown clutch put the battery behind the drivers seat ---.. Sunday lawn mowing day no gas so down to gas station fills the STEEL can with petrol ---His boy said can i put the Petrol can in the car Dad walks into pay for the gas NEXT THE CAR UP IN FLAMES HIS BOY HAD PUT THE STEEL GAS CAN ON THE TOP OF THE BATTERY with boy had pulled up into the car lucky the side door was open the Kid got out UNHARMED Life of a tow truck Barry N Z

    glyn1glyn1Oy oldin
  • I put a Ron Davis aluminum rad in my 80 series Land Cruiser and it made a HUGE difference. There’s a lot of differences in the aluminum rads I’ve found. ie: you get what you pay for. Haven’t had much luck with electric fans myself.

    P HendrixP HendrixOy oldin
  • Your gunna need the Electric Fan for the Rubicon !

    USSBB62USSBB62Oy oldin
    • I already went across the Rubicon with this exact mechanical fan set up. The MORRVAIR kept a steady 185° on the coolant. And 190° on the oil temp. If I can crawl through the dunes pulling a trailer, and keep cool, there is not a trail on the planet that will stop my cooling system.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Hmm, going to texas? Going to bunker branding and having some shirts made?

    Travis kTravis kOy oldin
  • According to the video, does this mean you have multiple Rudy's in stock and if I stop by the yard, I can buy one? My car needs a lot of work. ;)

    Boo Boo JeffriesBoo Boo JeffriesOy oldin
  • Ed didn't seem to confident they could get the work on the banana done lol

    TDWZTDWZOy oldin
  • I have the same problem trying to explaining things. It's your passion for what you do.

    Rob PretzerRob PretzerOy oldin
  • Hey Matt I know you’re busy! But I need, no require the part 2 video of this like yesterday man. 😊

    MannyMannyOy oldin
  • What’s that fan from?

    DailyDoseOfBoredomDailyDoseOfBoredomOy oldin
    • I was having freeway overheating issues (I don’t have a thermostat in it) before hand. So I fixed one issue but now I’m onto the more important slow speed crawling and overheating issue.

      DailyDoseOfBoredomDailyDoseOfBoredomOy oldin
    • @Matt's Off Road Recovery is there much modifications as far as mounting it to the engine? Or are you using the fan clutch from a Jeep and bolting the fan to the clutch like that? Reason I ask is I just did the aluminum radiator and 3 electric fans, took it for a test run and it stays great on freeway driving, but once I started crawling on rocks and going slow it will not stay below 210. It slowly starts to spike.

      DailyDoseOfBoredomDailyDoseOfBoredomOy oldin
    • It’s an aftermarket fan, but the application is 2003 Chevy Silverado.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Maybe a water-less coolant would extend the life of the pump.

    bradyspacebradyspaceOy oldin
  • amazing what the Kids can get done when Matt is not around....! where is Lizzy?

    Relay TeKRelay TeKOy oldin
    • Texas.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Secret mission = Rubicon Trail!

    LarzLarzOy oldin
  • Matt is great, but I could see this channel transitioning over to Rudy when Matt wants time off.

    Michael HooperMichael HooperOy oldin
  • Never question a man in a red Hawaiin shirt... how dare u. The man lives eats and breathes recovery. He definitely knows his rig.

    Javier Preciado JrJavier Preciado JrOy oldin
  • I would like to make it clear that This video is not a response to to trolls, or for feeding the haters. I enjoy engaging my audience, and I got a lot of questions about why I was going through all the work to put a mechanical fan on the new build. The logical argument is for an electric fan, due to much easier adaptation and their perceived superiority at trail speeds, and crawling. This just is a way for me to answer hundreds of questions and one easy video segment instead of answer each one individually. If I ever respond to a hater or a troll, it will be with sarcasm and humor. And I may use sarcasm and humor to a certain extent to answer every question. so, try to keep up. And as always, thanks for watching.

    Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Person's will complain . No mater what. Just to bitch. Humans jusst suck. Say it is is?

    Daniel NixonDaniel NixonOy oldin
  • Have you ever thought about oil cooling?

    Jonathan DeWittJonathan DeWittOy oldin
    • Will be monitoring it, I’ve been monitoring it on the Morrvair. The only time it gets sketchy is when we are pulling a trailer up through the sand. I’ve seen it as high as 265° Everywhere else, it stays right around 180°-210° I’m curious to see what the jeep 4.6 stroker does.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Can you run less antifreeze more water?

    halfway decenthalfway decentOy oldin
    • Well then can you check the air fuel ratio? Rich runs cooler ( as you know)

      halfway decenthalfway decentOy oldin
    • I have tried every blend of everything you can imagine. And a whole bunch of other stuff that you can’t. One thing that I haven’t tried, is waterless coolant. I like that it has a much higher boiling point, but I don’t like that it’s thermal efficiency is down quite a bit.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Matt dont read the comments just do what you do there are people who try hard to be smart... you guys are great family Rudy great funny guy and he works good in garage...

    AAOy oldin
    • It’s interesting how this happens. I really enjoy engaging my audience. Nobody was really trolling me, I just had an awful lot of people ask me why I went through all the work to put a mechanical fan on, when electric fan would’ve been very easy and simple. Rather than answer the question hundreds of times in the comments, I just address it in the next video. I actually enjoy the exchange.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Your practical information is really great! I've put an electric fan on every vehicle I've owned (that didn't come with one) because of the HP leach. Never had an issue in southern California heat. But it makes sense if you're running high RPM, dragging vehicles at low speeds. Probably why big rigs and tractors (that I've seen) don't use electric fans.

    Harry ScribnerHarry ScribnerOy oldin
  • Please, please, and please share the brand/part # of the fan and fan clutch.

    Bryan BartholomewBryan BartholomewOy oldin
    • 2003 Chevy Silverado stuff. Not even close to a bolt in.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Stay off the rev limited ED!! Lol. Love y’all’s videos.

    Eli BroganEli BroganOy oldin
  • It’s not passive aggressive it’s you passing along your knowledge to younger people that THINK they know more than you because they have done whatever for ten years! What they don’t realize is that you’ve been doing this for maybe let’s say 20 years? That would make you twice as smart? They don’t get the fact that you may pass on SOME knowledge but not EVERYTHING that you know!!!

    hansahansaOy oldin
  • Re-schedule your vacation. Can't go to Hawaii, or any other fun place, while Covid is an issue.

    Anonymous98Anonymous98Oy oldin
    • That’s my wife’s department. When she says go, I go.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • A few other thoughts on keeping it cool, high quality window tints. I've heard of other race car guys using a product called lizard skin which is a spray-on insulation coating anything you can do to keep the cabin temperatures down and less load on the air conditioning will greatly help. Not only is the condenser rejecting heat the compressor is powered by the engine which is inefficient and generating heat to power the compressor that heat has to go out the radiator. If you're getting hot on the highway I would also make sure you've got a good seal on the hood up by the cowel since that's a high pressure area you can also attempt to put a little deflector in front of where the louvers are to create a low pressure behind it and draw more air out. Race louvers has some interesting videos you can watch too

    Steves junkSteves junkOy oldin
  • I shift at 4500 most days. What are you doing running 5000 all day? Thanks

    Vic Ferrari’s garageVic Ferrari’s garageOy oldin
  • Are guys mechanics?

    Y AY AOy oldin
    • No

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • My opinion: The OEM exhaust scavenging is poor. This includes the as-cast exhaust ports & the restrictive exhaust manifold. The excessive turbulence of the exhaust pulse is heating the Head & eventually the water, or do you guys run anti-freeze? Since you guys run in excessively high daytime temps., see if you can't find another cylinder head. Take it to a shop that does its own porting; wouldn't hurt to clean up the intake & hopefully the valves/springs in the revised head are good. Maybe talk about a performance valve seat job too, it will also improve flow but talk to the shop. Then swap the head w/ the original, should take a couple of hours & you're back on the road. Early Chevy 454's ran hot, but cleaned up the ports & they ran much cooler. Harley-Davidson shovelheads had the same issue, turned the exhaust pipes at the head a real dark blue. W/ some minor head porting, my new pipes turned a mild gold color instead, huge difference. Add a cheap set of headers to the Banana & I think the overheating issues should be less of a problem. I didn't say 'solved', I'm an Engineer, only using the revised head & header in your application will tell you if the overheating issues are solved. I'm just trying to get you closer. I enjoy your video's. Can't imagine working in 104F temps.

    Carmie ThompsonCarmie ThompsonOy oldin
    • Yup And also, realize that it looks like I have overheating issues, but I really don’t. This was showcased this last summer when a stock Humvees tried to keep the same pace that I was doing the 2 miles leading up to the top of the dunes. (search and rescue EMT unit) Even though I was pulling a trailer through 110° temperatures, the upgrades that I made to the original system allowed me to help them continue the mission. (I was running AC, and they were running none btw) So while it looks like I’m showing an overheating XJ a lot, any vehicle I choose would boil over under the environment unless the cooling system was upgraded. Think about doing repeated dyno pulls with no auxiliary fans, or doing a burnout competition for 20 minutes with no natural airflow over the cooling system. That’s what I do in 115° weather. The wall I was up against was the physical size of the radiator. I was just completely out of space to Exchange heat. With nearly double radiator size now, I’m not anticipating any problems with all the other little tricks that I’ve learned over the last ten years.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Cant believe Trevor gets hassled for having a ''Tuner'' type car. Thats what they do, stick bits on a standard car, to make them look cool.

    MrSirMrSirOy oldin
    • The lefyist will be ate you? FB

      Daniel NixonDaniel NixonOy oldin
  • You can do a body lift

    Dale DawgDale DawgOy oldin

    sam & pat wellssam & pat wellsOy oldin
  • Who honestly thumbs down these videos? Wholesome family videos right here.

    Keston AKeston AOy oldin
  • Or you could try getting a different vehicle other than an old Jeep Cherokee!

    The GuyThe GuyOy oldin
  • I’ve been watching for a few months and did not realize that Matt was Rudy’s dad.

    Infoco AdminInfoco AdminOy oldin
  • Try cutting a hood scoop in the hood! Otherwise pop the hood.

    The GuyThe GuyOy oldin
  • Great family and friends

    Joe QuirkeJoe QuirkeOy oldin
  • Howdy, Howdy - Don’t be get’n Rowdy

    K&S FranksK&S FranksOy oldin
  • Very cool that Matt takes the time to help ole Ed fix the Dodge👍😁

    S CS COy oldin
  • I use 3 8" fans on my LS swapped impreza. They run at 2400cfm each its a every tight fit and cant fit anything in front of the engine so the fans are in front of the rad. Not enough air. Up hill it will run hot. I need to take a look at the water pump after seeing what yours has done.

    J, WilliamsJ, WilliamsOy oldin
  • I finally hooked up a cheapo window washer kit with sprayers directed at my radiator. I put the jug inside the cab underneath the glove box in front of the floor vent. Usually keeps the water in it pretty cool. It does alright. Was thinking about surrounding it with some sort of evaporative cooler

    Always TemptedAlways TemptedOy oldin
  • Did your secret mission have anything to do with Boyd Coddingtons estate sale. All you need is the sunglasses. Lol. Enjoy the videos tremendously, has a nice family feel to it.

    The Traveling ManThe Traveling ManOy oldin
  • Matt please get rid that UGLY shirt 👚

    Biden is a TYRANTBiden is a TYRANTOy oldin
  • So I want to know what the secret mission is.. because if its in the Sierra Nevada's and close to the Rubicon then I'm gonna beat it up there as its only 35 min. from home..I didn't know about their last trip there so missed them. Maybe I'll just drive up to Loon Lake on the 13th and hang out... (Hopefully, they haven't closed off Desolation wilderness due to the fire dangers right now.)

    Sunnyacres55Sunnyacres55Oy oldin
  • Crushing a can was genius

    Alehyn666Alehyn666Oy oldin
  • Matt is his dad? Matt doesn’t seem that old.

    Dan DavisDan DavisOy oldin
  • Sierra Nevada in Sept...good luck California forests are getting shut down because of fire danger...hope you secret mission doesn't get canceled.

    Wade PeoplesWade PeoplesOy oldin
  • is your secret mission now shut down due to National Forest shutdown in California?

    Anthony HitchingsAnthony HitchingsOy oldin
  • My 2008 Jeep Liberty (3.7L V6) has an electric fan - and that all it had. I added the mechanical fan (tow package) upgrade - easy peasy. Electrical fan is still there.

    Anthony HitchingsAnthony HitchingsOy oldin
  • Triple core radiator is what I did on my old 1997 Cherokee.

    Anthony HitchingsAnthony HitchingsOy oldin
  • Had a custom radiator built for my LS swapped XJ, and it kept things really cool, until I tried pulling my pop up camper to Utah last week. That was a no-go. Had to turn around halfway, and limp it home.

    jamieweirdworldjamieweirdworldOy oldin
  • Matt, Just ignore the haters. Most of then dont know which end of a soldering iron to hold onto, yet they troll the internet telling everyone what they are doing wrong.

    John IJohn IOy oldin
  • Dirt Track race cars had cooling issues for High RPM as well. Most guys put larger pulleys on the water pumps, slow them down. Solves the problem when running 6000-9000rpm on a small block chevy. Same fix for my hot rod with 5.19 gears that i run 4000-5000rpm. Overdrive the waterpump, use mechanical fan, make a decent shroud, aluminum radiator.

    Tyler NovotnyTyler NovotnyOy oldin
  • love the vid guys good work

    MoneyOnMyMindMoneyOnMyMindOy oldin
  • Is there any significance to the color scheme under the hood?? : 😃

    Graeme GosseGraeme GosseOy oldin
  • I run a slightly warmed up .030 over 400 sbc in a 79 chevy k20. All I use is the stock clutch fan, big block radiator and the full factory fan shroud. Even in the Ga humid mid 90's summer days, it never comes close to overheating.

    Stephen LamphierStephen LamphierOy oldin
  • What's Squeaking on edd's ride you need to fix that Rudy :-)

    Mc ChickenMc ChickenOy oldin
  • Love the can experiment. Ends any argument! Thank you!

    Frans van den BergeFrans van den BergeOy oldin