It Really Happened, I Got The Morrvair Stuck!!!

So I got a call, but the Morrvair got stuck for the first time! Never break rule #2.


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  • 5:11 the pumpkin face on the pumpkin!!!!!!! lol

    uk7769uk77692 soat oldin
  • 3:55 take it from an old fart. Acting responsible will get you nowhere in life. Have fun. The rest is... well, you'll see. lol

    uk7769uk77692 soat oldin
  • A couple of Maxtrax and you get out easily mate...

    Hiroshi FunatsuHiroshi Funatsu6 soat oldin
  • Why do you not let the air out the tires? damb!

    Rory GrayRory Gray10 soat oldin
  • well this car is a pos so its no surprise it would be stuck in it

    Belgrave WallaceBelgrave Wallace12 soat oldin
  • The Morrvair is a beast.

    Tim DunmyerTim Dunmyer18 soat oldin
  • Very cool. Odd that you never see anyone with a shovel or a few recovery boards. (I don't set foot offroad without a comically huge boatload of hardware)

    David DavidDavid David22 soat oldin
  • Just put Matt in charge of the U.S. economy; he can recover anything. "lets go Brandon."

    Lance LeavittLance Leavitt22 soat oldin
  • Surprised y’all don’t have traction boards for these type scenarios

    TheTruePatriotTheTruePatriot22 soat oldin
  • Do you know that you could go as low as 5 psi on your tires if you assume you will get stuck and the slower your wheels turn the better? But till you reach hard surface then fill your tires air pressure to where you need it to be. How I know? Sand dunes riding with cars is my hobby since 2007, also I use normal street tires on 17 in rims with 15-20 psi depending on how I will ride.

    Ahmed AlShamsi أحمد الشامسيAhmed AlShamsi أحمد الشامسي23 soat oldin
  • Living the dream!🇺🇲🤘😎

    Robert GlasgowRobert GlasgowKun oldin
  • Почему желтая машина не зацепила машину с лодкой сразу а сначало вытащили машину а потом прицепили лодку к жёлтой?

    мастерскаямастерскаяKun oldin
  • I guess Morrvair doesnt have downhill assist control, trailer assist and active suspension control (it cannot lift or lower) what sucks. Its "only" custom built offroad with big tires and ground clearance. but has nice retro look.

    Job WorkJob WorkKun oldin
  • Who does your music? I love it.

    Mike EllisMike EllisKun oldin
  • Important safety tip. When you are in the sand, you are always effectively driving uphill.

    iowa_doniowa_donKun oldin
  • 9:31 my favorite part of the video!

    Tjeerd van GennepTjeerd van GennepKun oldin
  • In Australia, when we get stuck in the sand we just let down our tyres to about 12 PSI, never seen it done in any of these videos I have watched?

    Stephen DyerStephen DyerKun oldin
  • This is the downfall of solid axles. Once the diff is in the dirt, it's boned

    Guiseppe FalzaranoGuiseppe Falzarano2 kun oldin
  • the sand around Powell breeds stupidity

    46Rambo46Rambo2 kun oldin
  • Why would you bury the truck instead of lifting the trailer? There were 4 grown men there. Surely you guys could have manhandled the trailer.

    Keith DixonKeith Dixon2 kun oldin
  • Recovery tracs, Maxtracs, would've help out a lot here, it seems that they just aren't popular in the US, or am I wrong.

    BatfinkBatfink2 kun oldin
  • Y'all need some of those off road traction mats/boards

    Dtyler171Dtyler1712 kun oldin
  • Without GPS Location ? (Now these Days) It would be impossible to find each other. I would have to say , I LOVE YOUR JOB Guys !!!

    fernando zomefernando zome2 kun oldin
  • And THIS is why they invented the bumper winch. That boat and trailer are like an anchor.

    DoggeslifeDoggeslife4 kun oldin
  • LOL, funniest video ever!

    Henry ClaytonHenry Clayton4 kun oldin
  • Cleaver way hooking the trailer up! We dont have that kind off environment here in sweden, the sand seems really sketchy to drive on. Here it´s just mud and rocks and most of the times a tree nearby to hook up to! :)

    Arvid EklundArvid Eklund5 kun oldin
  • Bury an anchor like a spare wheel and use it as a winch anchor when desperate

    Diecast ModsDiecast Mods6 kun oldin
  • Do you think after hooking up to the trailer, placing 2 traction boards in front of your rear tires would give you enough traction to get momentum?

    Paradise EntertainmentParadise Entertainment7 kun oldin
  • Just started watching today and I've probably gone through 5 videos, it's wild how many people try driving on this sand with their road tires lol

    ZarrexZarrex7 kun oldin
  • Sacar aire a las ruedas para andar por tierra suelta,barro etc...

  • Maxtrax 🤷‍♂️

    Joshua DawtreyJoshua Dawtrey10 kun oldin
  • still dont know how you charge them or ask for money..... if they call you: of course thats easy. but if you discover them like the guy with the boat trailer ... how do handle this? "I can help you, but it costs some bucks?" --- besides taking them in for youtube money.... wondering how your mindset is on that !

    Ga NGa N13 kun oldin
  • "slow people" and I thought he was taking about stupid people rather than slow drivers or slow moving traffic.

    Stan RodgersStan Rodgers13 kun oldin
  • Maxtracks lol

    Shaun HazellShaun Hazell14 kun oldin
  • The wheels on the trailer werent even turning they were just draggin in the sand it's pretty awesome watching the sand roll around the morrvairs tires too!

    Taylor WilliamsTaylor Williams15 kun oldin
  • Note to self.. if you get stuck with a trailer don't unhitch

    MegaLonewolf20MegaLonewolf2016 kun oldin
  • I have wonder at how many people get stuck driving inappropriate vehicles out in the middle of the desert. Then again I say this from experience, having gotten a few vehicles stuck myself that I had to dig out alone. Wish we had Matt when I stuck a Bronco in a Florida swamp.

    Bob1934Bob193417 kun oldin
  • Did u charge the second person?

    Miguel SeguraMiguel Segura18 kun oldin
  • Why not use the dynamic rope on the trailer directly? To get it moving at least?

    matus201matus20118 kun oldin
  • 👍

    sidj76sidj7618 kun oldin
  • Good stuff. Why not use the client's truck to snatch the morrvair and boat out? Or have everyone push the boat from behind? You're the experts though! Always enjoy your vids!

    Taco RiosTaco Rios19 kun oldin
  • Why don't they bring boards

    Tim BangoTim Bango20 kun oldin
  • How come nobody uses recovery boards?

    Chris MahoneyChris Mahoney20 kun oldin
  • The pumpkin painted on the pumpkin is amazing.

    Craig RussellCraig Russell20 kun oldin
  • Can you not use sand ladders.

    Kerry VanceKerry Vance21 kun oldin
  • No land anchor?

    M EM E21 kun oldin
  • Yo that truck is so sweet what even is that the morvair

    Anonymous RydRAnonymous RydR22 kun oldin
  • Why didn't they try track pads before calling for backup?

    jdjnfsjdjnfs22 kun oldin
  • If you noticed, the back tires were ripping it up and front tires were just spinning lightly over the sand. Why? Because of the weight on the hitch that lifted the front end. Next time, get a few guys to sit on the hood. Now....4 wheel traction.

    Richard HarknessRichard Harkness22 kun oldin
  • u guys paid for this service? sorry to ask.

    Feezoto LegacyFeezoto Legacy22 kun oldin
  • Nice work guys. I was thinking. How about some eyes to or hooks in the back. To hang the kinetic rope on.

    Sasha de GraaffSasha de Graaff22 kun oldin
  • Need some rigging to use the winch to tow the tow vehicle back onto the hitch.

    Kevin JonesKevin Jones22 kun oldin
  • hey matt what specs is your car?????

    sigurd simonsensigurd simonsen23 kun oldin
  • I'd be very surprised to hear that you couldn't lift the hitch one way or another rather than digging a hole

    Jesse RJesse R23 kun oldin
  • Am still wondering what vehicle will max goin to use fr off-road recovery when petrol engines gets the boot

    anti perokokanti perokok23 kun oldin
  • Why didn't you have the guy you jus towed out help tow you out when the Morvair got stuck? A favor for favor.. You scratch my back..I scratch yours type of thing. It would've saved alot of time instead of waiting for the cavalry to come in. Especially on a Hot day.

    DinehBeeDinehBee23 kun oldin
  • I know from experience being in the situation its not fun its not exciting its a pain in the whooowaaaa..... but sitting here comfy in my house this looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! adventures left and right! and or hard work left and right....

    Moises DuarteMoises Duarte24 kun oldin
  • Is there any reason you never try scooping sand out from in front and behind the wheels? Also why you cant snatch the trailer on it's own? Just attach to the hitch with the rope. That's how it's done in Australia. You get bogged, unhook the trailer, dig yourself out, then snatch the trailer.

    All Aussie TravellerAll Aussie Traveller24 kun oldin
  • Nice video

    enriqueroman62enriqueroman6224 kun oldin
  • It's amazing how useless stuff becomes in that sand. It's worse than snow or mud.

    Nathan TranbargerNathan Tranbarger25 kun oldin
  • so how much $ did you make that day?

    j johnsonj johnson25 kun oldin
  • He wasn't stuck. The trailer was. Of course the whole point was getting the trailer out.

    Gene KillingsworthGene Killingsworth25 kun oldin
  • soun dof the vehicle I like the most of this crap

    MajoIngramMajoIngram26 kun oldin
  • 9:34 t rex arms

    SanchezSanchez26 kun oldin
  • That morrvair is too damn heavy. Saw it coming when they was fabricatings.

    ErnibarrErnibarr26 kun oldin
  • get bigger t shirts that you give out most people i see are xxl

    Sam FishSam Fish26 kun oldin
  • has any one seen a stuck blue car

    Sam FishSam Fish26 kun oldin
  • I respect and like that Matt's click bait is actually just a preview of the main event in his video's. So it's actually a preview and not click bait.

    Paw PawPaw Paw26 kun oldin
  • Do you charge everyone you help?

    John KeatingJohn Keating26 kun oldin
  • Or a third wheel on the tongue. Aimable

  • What you need is a bolt on ski that goes on the tongue and is steerable and lockable so you can turn the trailer into a sled

  • watching this again and realized that the customers vehicle is a capable truck of pulling them out. the guy didnt even offered.

    noseandfinsnoseandfins27 kun oldin
  • Nice non click bait videos

    TASA Landscape & Waste ManagementTASA Landscape & Waste Management27 kun oldin
  • While watching the part where the Moarvair was struggling with the boat and Matt was talking about kinetic energy. I thought, you know what they need for situations like this is a folding sled about 2 feet wide made of aluminum or teflon coated steel like with a post in the middle and a clamp on top to grab onto that ball hitch that would float the front of that trailer over the sand and they could yank that sucker out without waiting for another vehicle.

    Bryan BlakeneyBryan Blakeney27 kun oldin
  • It wasn't that the sand was to deep....It was that the water wasn't deep enough!

    GuiTardZanGuiTardZan27 kun oldin
  • I really love to do this kind of job… even for my whole life

    Smart TechHatSmart TechHat27 kun oldin
  • In my country 52 know and I drink tea

    suez zsuez z28 kun oldin
  • Very good video

    Dennis DavisDennis Davis28 kun oldin
  • Ehy didn't you use sand ladders ?

    SimpleManSimpleMan28 kun oldin
  • This shit is badass

    HighRoller -HighRoller -28 kun oldin
  • Some maxtrax would be handy there were ya all got stuck with the boat.

    JasonJason29 kun oldin
  • seems like you guys dont bother with those traction sled things. do they not work well?

    tom frankfootertom frankfooter29 kun oldin
  • why couldn’t they use the guys truck to pull them out instead of bring his son’s jeep?

    GrantHorneGrantHorneOy oldin
  • I have been watching your shows for a while now and STILL cannot understand people going into those areas which are a total trap to get stuck into. Greetings from Melbourne Australia

    Albert BusscherAlbert BusscherOy oldin
  • Thought the morrvair had a winch? You probably could've pulled yourself out using the guys truck as anchor. Maybe?

    Jesse WJesse WOy oldin
  • You are a kind and good person!

    tiger chentiger chenOy oldin
  • Are there any sand bowls out there that you have to get someone out? I came across a guy one time stuck in a bowl with about 50' sides and winched him out with my Can-Am. I couldn't believe it when I came over the ridge and saw the guy stuck down there. To top it off he was in a 2 wheel drive ranger. Wish I'd have video'd that day! 🙂

    Raymond McDonaldRaymond McDonaldOy oldin
  • Why do you not use sand mats; the mats you place in front of the wheels to lay down a temporary road? The SAS and LRDG used sand mats in the the North African desert during WWII. If it was good enough for them . . . just sayin'

    Kameron HammondKameron HammondOy oldin
  • When you guys stumble across someone stuck like that, do they still pay you for the recovery?

    Scott HayesScott HayesOy oldin
  • Please, can somebody explain me, after the Morrvair get stuck, why Matt didn't use the Winch from his Morrvair and used the customers Car as an Anchor?

    DonGeraldo69DonGeraldo69Oy oldin
    • @Matt's Off Road Recovery Thanks for the quick answer! I haven't heard any information, that it was only 8 minutes! So the 8 Minutes was really the better option! 👍🏻 I've been working almost 30 years at a car towing / recovery company here in Austria. We use always the Winch or sometimes the crane, to take away the broken down cars after a crash or technical breakdown. We use 3x 12 ton Trucks and one 26to Truck with a crane. There is also no Sand in Austria! 😀 Thank a lot for all the work you have to make these great Videos! I do really enjoy every episode! 👍🏻👍🏻 Greetings Gerald

      DonGeraldo69DonGeraldo6929 kun oldin
    • Distance. It was almost 1/4 mile to the road. There was 100% chance that that truck would get stuck again if we tried to drive it back onto the sand trail. Eight minute wait for a jeep wasn’t a bad option.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Rudy, your long curly hair looks great. Like, I used to have mine, which is white now.

    CrazyPetezCrazyPetezOy oldin
  • Need a land anchor. They work great in the swamps.

    Gringo BanditoGringo BanditoOy oldin
  • maybe 1 like

    Tomas TylecekTomas TylecekOy oldin
  • no likes on this vid, straight up dumb or click bait

    Tomas TylecekTomas TylecekOy oldin
  • Please please please please please please please please read this in answer this question I am so interested? Do the people you just roll up on an offer help pay for your services?

    Dawn Catlin-StraitDawn Catlin-StraitOy oldin
  • 5:05 why you need the metric system "2 mm"

    dufonrafaldufonrafalOy oldin
  • U don't needed another vehicle there, u could hook that boat to that guy's truck and could have pulled it out with your vehicle..

    erics jerics jOy oldin
  • In sand I always dig out if front of all tires before taking off.

    MergMergOy oldin
  • That new rig is badass!

    BenBenOy oldin
  • Why did we not use the winch and a rope to the customers trailer hitch on the road?

    william conradwilliam conradOy oldin