How Do I Stay In Business? 3 Rescues Like This!

So I got a call for Zion, Babylon Mills road, and my most loyal customer keep me in business.


Off Road Recovery Videos
Making Room For Bigger Tires On The Jeep Banana!

Nasty Mud Pit Rescue, Stuck All Night & Buried To Frame!

First Coat Of Paint For The Banana!

Oh No! Ford Goes Too Fast Into A Massive Ditch!

They Went Over The Edge!

Jeep Parts Out… Toyota Parts In

Ripping Apart The Banana, It Will Never Look The Same!

$100,000 Jeep Breaks On The Trail

Big Bus Buried To The Frame - Morrvair & Winch Truck

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  • Live for Ed's weather reports and wrap ups!!!

    Carlos MoyaCarlos Moya12 daqiqa oldin
  • Hey I got a tire chock stuck behind my wheel can you come pull me out!

    vqfivevqfive2 soat oldin
  • Jillian needs Yellow Banana stickers for her back window. You know, for each repeat tow!

    Brett MBrett M2 soat oldin
  • Does the lady in the Expedition have MULTIPLE stickers from your company!? That's awesome.

    CJ PaulCJ Paul4 soat oldin
  • They all seem like they are set up.

    KING TUTKING TUT4 soat oldin
  • I think that was staged not stuck at all.

    KING TUTKING TUT4 soat oldin
  • Jamie has the can I speak to a manager hair

    Jkling KJkling K11 soat oldin
  • 13:13 there are 6 stickers that's related to Matt, find em !

    Roy BetanRoy Betan11 soat oldin
  • so im curious...who owns the land that these people get stuck on all the time? Is it all state land?

    Isaac KvasagerIsaac Kvasager14 soat oldin
  • @13:14, does anyone see the stickers all over the back of the Expedition? There is a Matt's recovery Rope sticker there. LOL

    BullsOnParadeBullsOnParade21 soat oldin
  • I'm about to mail these guys some work gloves.

    00000022 soat oldin
  • Doesn’t it blow anyone else’s mind how awful this VW commercial is..? Idk if anyone’s UZgreen is spamming them with VE commercials but fuuuuck, it’s awful.

    John ErichsenJohn ErichsenKun oldin
  • Still waiting to see when an American guy is a smaller size than say, xxl, when the T shirts are handed out.

    Martin WardMartin WardKun oldin
  • my dog is named Honey.. so i can always yell HONEY IM HOME.! .. anyway .. i always stop at places for her to wade in water too :P

    Hawk's GNW AdventuresHawk's GNW AdventuresKun oldin
  • I think Jayme might as well accept it, she's part of the regular crew. 😅

    A Florida SonA Florida SonKun oldin
  • LOL...that one dude talking about signs warning of road conditions......Matt would just run around knocking signs down!

    Messy ThinkerMessy ThinkerKun oldin
  • Not sure why the algorithm fed me this channel but I have spent two hours today watching vid after vid :)

    Chris ModesittChris Modesitt2 kun oldin
  • 7:00 - those plastic panels are like $500 to replace.

    iowa_doniowa_don2 kun oldin
  • It's always ppl with no common sense complaining about lack of warning signs

    SimonSimon2 kun oldin
  • daumn, this seems like the perfect family business and life! i am jelly :)

    VoidroamerVoidroamer3 kun oldin
  • Love you lizzy

    Manuel SerranoManuel Serrano3 kun oldin
  • Did all these Toyota drivers have "Let's go places" muppets in the back seat chanting them on into the desert? Lol

    AutomaniacAutomaniac5 kun oldin
  • Get GPS collars for the dgs

    Chris AngusChris Angus5 kun oldin
  • Why are so many people out there in cars smh

    Nicole CNicole C7 kun oldin
  • lol. Go swim?? There’s no water to swim. .??? There’s no sign there?? Duh.!! Maybe you shouldn’t take a car designed for highways, off roaming!! The sign should say for people with common sense only!!

    michael Dmichael D8 kun oldin
  • New Yorker "They should put a sign in the desert that warns you about sand". Matt "You want a shirt"?

    Frog UniverseFrog Universe9 kun oldin
  • "...and like, this big around, you know? It was nice!" " tastes like a regular one, you know, but it just looks a little different." "Yeah... Anyway" Oh Lizzy.

    SamgabSamgab10 kun oldin
  • people that can help

    Jim MendenceJim Mendence10 kun oldin
  • lizzy could be a body builder ya think about it i know can kelp

    Jim MendenceJim Mendence10 kun oldin
  • love the show family

    Jim MendenceJim Mendence10 kun oldin
  • Hi I have recently found your channel and love it!!! curious is the Boy Matt’s son?? The Red hair of course lol… is lizzy related and Jamie his wife???

    Caitlin GARNISHCaitlin GARNISH11 kun oldin
    • Rudy is Matt and Jamie's son, as well as is Colin. Lizzie is related somehow, but I can't remember. It's in one of the videos.

      Thomas CaltonThomas Calton10 kun oldin
  • That look at the 12:04 mark shows sometimes work and play go together.

    Viper 2369Viper 236912 kun oldin
  • Matt takes down the signs thst say do not enter soft sand. How else is he going to make a living. Common sense 🤣

    Kool oneKool one12 kun oldin
  • Good thing his name is Matt and not Jack if you know what I mean.🤣

    Kool oneKool one12 kun oldin
  • The new york guys are so new york, lol. love it!

    Dat Jeep CrayDat Jeep Cray13 kun oldin
  • 👍

    sidj76sidj7613 kun oldin
  • Matt, sometimes u just have to go on a date (tow) with ur wife. For the 2nd tow vid.

    Timothy HareTimothy Hare17 kun oldin
  • Need more lady footage (the doggo!), love the content

    Brendon LehnBrendon Lehn17 kun oldin
  • What is typical cost of a rescue? In case i get stuck.

    Richard MillerRichard Miller18 kun oldin
  • Because your so Rich you just do it for fun...

    Adrian BeerAdrian Beer19 kun oldin
  • I love these videos and this channel! Oh by the way… what that a pair of red panties in the door handle inside that car?!?! 🤣

    Rackaddict 82Rackaddict 8220 kun oldin
  • Imma have to disagree about that sign sir. EVERY rental car company says paved roads only.

    The Khaki ObserverThe Khaki Observer22 kun oldin
  • Jamie you need a large belt buckle to help Matt

    Curt BrooksCurt Brooks23 kun oldin
  • Your Corvair is to die for. You have done a really nice job on it. Side business, perhaps you could start building these to sell?

    Glenn HendersonGlenn Henderson24 kun oldin
  • (A/C is brand new it’s just in boxes on the shelf) 😂👍😎

    Ogre DadOgre Dad25 kun oldin
  • Hey brother. Do you do recovery in Hit District, Iraq? Our armored land cruiser got stuck. 🤣 As soon as I return to St. George I'll get my SxS stuck, for a free shirt. 😉

    T UT U26 kun oldin

    Sam FishSam Fish27 kun oldin
  • you should get a 360 camera and do a few 360 videos :)

    JustinagameJustinagame28 kun oldin
  • Ford Expeditions are such garbage vehicles. It's luxury SUV, very nice on the inside tbh. Drives nice, okay mpg, comfortable, roomy. But it's the worst part of an SUV and Pickup in 1 package. Terrible handling on anything except pavement, poorly balanced for 2wd and 4wd, most of the electronics make the driving smoother but they go brain dead on anything soft. The safety rating is good, but it needs to be with how many of them go into the ditch or roll over. I had an older one I bought as a toy (sold it) and my mother had 3 (she wrecked 2) before she gave up on them. She bought a Toyota Rav4 and has loved it since, not as roomy but handles better, better mpg, and newer ones are just as nice for fraction the price.

    Blue ClownBlue Clown29 kun oldin
  • Thanks for great videos. I like what my kids do see & hear, but also appreciate what they DON'T see or hear from Matt's Offroad Recovery!!

    NL SmelserNL SmelserOy oldin
  • Lizzie, 😊 smile more.

    Moto RadMoto RadOy oldin
  • I'd have just moved the brick.

    Michael LasotaMichael LasotaOy oldin
  • No warning?? Put a sign up there?? How about open your eyes and watch where you're going!!

    SlowCountryBoySlowCountryBoyOy oldin
  • What's hilarious is everyone probably did know exactly who it was as soon as we read the description of the video.

    Alex WitteriedAlex WitteriedOy oldin
  • Matt’s number should be in every rental car in a 500 mile radius! If I’m ever out wheeling in that area it will be part of my standard recovery gear along with corn dogs and Mountain Dew.

    Toxman69Toxman69Oy oldin
  • Tat's my dream job!

    Pedro BovendorpPedro BovendorpOy oldin
  • Jillian is after Matt. Super obvious, to me. She puts a big ol' bow on and a pony tail to go lay down in a chair... 🤔

    MuddyGunsMuddyGunsOy oldin
  • He'd to "river" and let lady "swim... hmm what river and what swimming? Lol

    Brad LaFlammeBrad LaFlammeOy oldin
  • looks like where you were helping her was where you dented the black tacos fender...????

    J DubJ DubOy oldin
  • If there were "signs" placed up everywhere warning people to entire at their own risk Matt would have just as many if not more people needing to be rescued.

    Michael PaulMichael PaulOy oldin
  • Where I live 95 degrees comes with 90 % humidity, you people don't even sweat for crying out loud. Thats not hot. Deserts have like 30% humidity.

    Les ChortosLes ChortosOy oldin
  • Dude, Bill Engvall has your sign for ya.

    Mike HuffakerMike HuffakerOy oldin
  • CA we start a go fund me to get Jillian a lift kit and some tires?

    Running GagRunning GagOy oldin
  • Hey Matt, I am pretty well captivated by your Chanel you and your crew do an awesome service. Quick question, is an 05 chevy blazer a strong enough platform to build an off-road recovery vehicle like yours?

    Matthew McGibbonMatthew McGibbonOy oldin
  • Hi, I'm a big fan of you! Always watching your videos from Japan. Your work is an amzing and like a Thunderbirds(Your family is a hero for me) One day, please come and shoot a video in Japan.

    吉田守宏吉田守宏Oy oldin
  • It's cool to see the wifey go along! That's a true partner in crime!

    sheldon murphysheldon murphyOy oldin
  • I guess Lizzie has some experience with them corn dogs🤣

    David AixDavid AixOy oldin
  • Was that a red thong in the door at 7:19?

    Pistol PetePistol PeteOy oldin
  • SO he needs a sign does he....Jeff Foxworthy has your sign: You are a Tardyota.

    Jim RatliffJim RatliffOy oldin
  • It’s a rental so be careful lol you took it off road

    KurveNation125KurveNation125Oy oldin
  • They should put up a sign.....That says what? Sand is not for your freaking toyota on street tires?

    iflystuff1iflystuff1Oy oldin
  • I feel like at least half of these recoveries the people must be completely high out of their mind lol

    EthanAllen1775EthanAllen1775Oy oldin
  • What else does that idiot need signs for?!? Don't drive into lakes/rivers/houses/active vulcanos? Braindead people like that should not be allowed to operate anything faster than 3mph.

    Lexor888Lexor888Oy oldin
  • Jillian was hoping that Matt was coming alone. lol

    Gotyoback BroGotyoback BroOy oldin
  • I'm Surprised those guys got stuck. That guy in the passenger seat looked like a legit cowboy

    Gotyoback BroGotyoback BroOy oldin
  • Business is GOOD!!! lol Need to rename that road. "Toyota Trail of Tears".... lol

    Cranky BuzzardCranky BuzzardOy oldin
  • and this a Camry? Toyota cars sure seem to get stuck a lot! lol

    Cranky BuzzardCranky BuzzardOy oldin
  • @9:12 "This must happen a lot, I mean there's no warning, they need to put a sign out here" My response would be, Sir, common sense is your sign. lol

    BarryBarryOy oldin
  • Quick question… when you get ‘a call’ , I’m sure you charge $$, but my question is, what about those extra ones you do when you’re already out there and it’s obvious they need help, but didn’t call??

    Justin DircksenJustin DircksenOy oldin
  • high water benchmarks on the hills were left by the Flood 4,350 years ago. the plains in between hills show just how much sediments was washed away.

    Rose WhiteRose WhiteOy oldin
  • Man your recovery car is dope! Love it! Keep up the good work!💪👍

    Fietje SoemantriFietje SoemantriOy oldin
  • the white car, when matt got in and the camera panned to the door handle, was that the woman's red thong panties in the door handle?

    Lord MugglestoneLord MugglestoneOy oldin
  • I love this crew. Love the vids also, thanks for showing us your journeys.

    Rusty MandRusty MandOy oldin
  • " Here's your sign ! "

  • Matt said “I love you” in dog voice :)

    ChopStx4UChopStx4UOy oldin
  • i can already tell that first car that was stuck smelt like skunk

    Matthew MarshallMatthew MarshallOy oldin
  • All Toyotas?

    Jerry CurielJerry CurielOy oldin
  • Man, jillians expedition has seen more offroading than like 70% of the lifted trucks on the road.

    NazimelonNazimelonOy oldin
  • Just stumbled across your channel a few days ago and man, am I glad I did. You guys are great!

    that_G_EvanPthat_G_EvanPOy oldin
  • 93 degrees is like freezing cold

    Nan AliNan AliOy oldin
  • Libtards can't drive

    Zack KZack KOy oldin
  • Can we take a moment at 4:07 and just admire how beautiful she is

    FloridaassholeFloridaassholeOy oldin
  • Everytime I see people smiling and holding that t-shirt all I can think is how expensive it is.

    3144696304831446963048Oy oldin
  • Toyota day lol

    KlenKlitzKlenKlitzOy oldin
  • They do have warning signs but the rescue companies keep pulling them down.

    Darrin RentrucDarrin RentrucOy oldin
  • Anyone know about what he charges?

    Pacific excursionPacific excursionOy oldin
  • WTF? Racing slicks even...

    SABAM25177SABAM25177Oy oldin
  • I don't know why, I love this channel. It's not like I ever drive off-road. Funny how some channels have that homely feeling. You guys are great.

    Dulan SudasingheDulan SudasingheOy oldin
  • this first pullout is fucking hilarious 😂😂😂

    Oncina ProductionsOncina ProductionsOy oldin
  • Why do people insist on going OFF road with cars designed to be ON road? You need a sign? How about reading your owner's manual. If we needed a sign to prevent stupid people from doing stupid things....Imbeciles create demand, the Free Market fulfills as always.

    joeashbubemmajoeashbubemmaOy oldin