How Do You Get Buried To The Frame In A Jeep?

So I got a call for a Honda Civic where it shouldn't be.


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  • As many times as Lizzy has assisted, You would think she would understand what four low is by now.

    Andrew MenaAndrew Mena14 soat oldin
  • Better safe than sorry!

    Gayle SweeneyGayle Sweeney17 soat oldin
  • The went back there to smoke the merryjauana.

    Pat MattPat MattKun oldin
  • you guys are amazing and so chill i never wanna see you get angry

    High Flying RiderHigh Flying RiderKun oldin
  • I got high centered on a snow bank in my jeep JK and had now shovel I had plastic dog bowl and I used that to dig myself out.

    Sean FriesSean Fries3 kun oldin
  • You should tell all your customers on arrival: “Appreciate you wait’in here for us!” 🤣🤣🤣. 👍👍👍

    Roy RiceRoy Rice4 kun oldin
  • What app was Rudy using?

    Ron KeltyRon Kelty6 kun oldin
  • I don't mean to judge but if you're gonna spend between $60k and $85k on a Yukon or Tahoe...why are you 'saving money' by not having 4WD?

    Nathan TranbargerNathan Tranbarger9 kun oldin
  • I don't even go out in the snow without a shovel. can't imagine what gets into people. pretend like no one is coming for you

    peep39peep399 kun oldin
  • Hey guys , I like what you doing ❤️

    Bahman AhmadiBahman Ahmadi10 kun oldin
  • Hate to see 999 comments ... Hope to see it 1000 ... 😎😎🙏🙏

    tim lubberstim lubbers15 kun oldin
  • public comment

    Rayburn StockingerRayburn Stockinger18 kun oldin
  • In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we face great disapproval from all users of the new Yukon in terms of the rear suspension system and how close it is to the ground, as the demand for buying this category is very little, knowing that I own this model and I wonder how it was manufactured with this stupidity from the manufacturer?

    ليبرومنسي Labroليبرومنسي Labro19 kun oldin
  • Weather girl...

    Musicians LiveMusicians Live19 kun oldin
  • It’s a Sahara that’s why it got stuck!

    Sasha MSasha M21 kun oldin
  • Is the fun part just trying to get to the customer. Who else gets paid the go off-road

    Christopher SellarsChristopher Sellars25 kun oldin
  • That wrangler in the beginning could have easily been dug out with a few guys and a little bit of time . These weekend warriors never cease to amaze and boggle ones thinking cap.

    Anthony FuscoAnthony Fusco26 kun oldin
  • Your team is a blast to Watch, Thanks fore the entertainment - Love from So Cal!

    Ron KnowlesRon Knowles26 kun oldin
  • mans job is mans job, get in and make sure its right if im paying for recovery, the last thing i need is a bad job snatching that hard and mistakes made ........ if that was military shed be doing pushups in mud

    Tomas TylecekTomas Tylecek26 kun oldin
    • What?

      martinrps13martinrps1319 kun oldin
  • For safety at night, two are better than one. To divide the workload two are better than one. Keeping each other awake, two are definitely better than one.

    M BbM Bb28 kun oldin
  • Trevor from GTA5 really cleaned up his act. Glad to see you guys were nice enough to employ him

    Torque SteerTorque Steer28 kun oldin
  • I'ma try watching your vids until I fall asleep wish me luck probably gonna mess up my sleeping schedule because your videos are so enjoyable to watch 🤣

    wezadwezad29 kun oldin
  • As long as there are dumb people who go off road in a two wheel vehicle, Matt will always have business.

    Radner BearmanRadner BearmanOy oldin
  • Why does everyone down there with a 2wd truck think they have prerunners

    jeeplivionjeeplivionOy oldin
  • It takes time to build a team

    Sajjad MohammadSajjad MohammadOy oldin
  • This also proves that newer Jeeps are shit made by Fiat

    Jim LeckeyJim LeckeyOy oldin
  • This video earned you a new subscriber!! Awesome work.

    atlfreakdaddyatlfreakdaddyOy oldin
  • I wonder how often they get in a customer vehicle and it smells like weed

    Steve McVaySteve McVayOy oldin
  • Lizzy is hot

    grngs1grngs1Oy oldin

    Eric MirandaEric MirandaOy oldin
  • i love the fact that you have Lizzie with you helping with all the stuff and also most importantly creating moral support. if I had a business like your I would definetely want to have such a person around

    P1ratRuleZZZP1ratRuleZZZOy oldin
  • I love this show. Watching every single vid woot

    The ChancellorThe ChancellorOy oldin
  • Driver mod...

    stupidchicken03stupidchicken03Oy oldin
  • Do y'all ever get concerned about your safety in these night rescues? As in robbery, murder, and things?

    Daniel RaffDaniel RaffOy oldin
  • I really wish they would quit selling SUVs and trucks in two-wheel drive variants they are too damn heavy to not have four-wheel drive

    Jordan ScheurerJordan ScheurerOy oldin
  • Once again a Cherokee saving a Wrangler

    Jordan ScheurerJordan ScheurerOy oldin
  • You guys go out at 12:10 am?!?

    jdjeep98jdjeep98Oy oldin
  • So interesting they always have cell service, these places must be much closer to cities than it looks. If this was upstate NY there would be no service for miles and miles intermittenly.

    thedeceiverthedeceiverOy oldin
  • It completely puzzles me why the vehicle drivers spend a small fortune but fail to include a winch system????

    TJTJOy oldin
  • The 2wd SUV's, I always think why?

    matt kauermatt kauerOy oldin
  • Thanks for taking us on a midnight recovery, it was a special treat!

    Ryan CoxRyan CoxOy oldin
  • Can we get a build breakdown on the Rudycon lol name needs to stick 😅!

    Ledyard24Ledyard24Oy oldin
  • How do you keep buried to the frame in a Jeep? Answer= Stock tires.

    WolfWolfOy oldin
  • Judging from the picture in the Thumbnail , / These people were " Foolish Animals " !

    Cray fishCray fishOy oldin
  • Do you bill insurance??

    Red SharkRed SharkOy oldin
  • I wish there was need for such a business here, but there isn't. People don't wheel that much and most back roads are private property and you can't drive around woods as you please and we have nothing like the scenery over there 😔 If there was similar conditions, I'd put my Jeep into good use, because I like off roading and helping people is nice bonus and to being able to combine those 2 as a profession would be time well spent. Ah well, at least we got these awesome videos 👍

    Finnish FatmanFinnish FatmanOy oldin
  • Because wrangler owners are just as stupid as prius owners but in a jeep....

    SJ FKSJ FKOy oldin
  • Why not have a rope with two hooks so that the force is applied to both sides of the frame. The way it is right here, is he yanks it hard pulling on the Jeep's right front frame. Also Lizzie driving Jeep needs to be fired lol for having it in neutral. It didnt go smooth. He screwed up driving the wrong way, almost damaged undercarriage on rocks while she also screwed up having it in neutral creating excess transmission and tire wear on towing vehicle. I still don't know how the Jeep got out of 4L. Why would it be in neutral?

    Romulan112Romulan112Oy oldin
    • Customer put it in neutral before we got there. I don’t know why either.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • Why are those dudes in the Honda out there? Like wtf did they think they were doing?

    that_G_EvanPthat_G_EvanPOy oldin
    • you know what they were doing

      martinrps13martinrps1319 kun oldin
  • Fucking Crazy!

    chuy u laterchuy u laterOy oldin
  • I took my Civic EG6 through an ATV trail and then an off road trail for trucks. How confused was that lifted K series when he saw me blow past. Lol. It wasn’t easy but it was a good experience.

    moustachio334moustachio334Oy oldin
  • He sounds kinda like lou from unbox therapy

    KÏd BÚddŸKÏd BÚddŸOy oldin
  • How? Radials is the one word answer to your question.

    Luke LambertLuke LambertOy oldin
  • A shovel and bucket, that's all you need

    Rubens HartmanRubens HartmanOy oldin
  • I've seen stock subaru sedans go places jeeps couldn't. So....there's that.

    Mark AsreadMark AsreadOy oldin
  • When I lived in OK you would see someone coming to the highway on a dirt (or gravel) road with a rooster tail of dirt while the bounced around on the road. When they hit the road it was 1 or 2 mph under the speed limit.

    Ralph NaylorRalph NaylorOy oldin
  • Stock tires at near stock pressures. That's how you bury a jeep or any vehicle.

    4x4Scout4x4ScoutOy oldin
  • Rudy's jeep the coolest in the fleet? Not with that ugly ass brown paint it isn't. Flat back rattle can primer would look better. Who in the world would order a new brown car? Wait.... half the people are below average! LOL.

    Bob HollistonBob HollistonOy oldin
  • Strange Parts aged 15 years, got some sun and traded in the iPhone's for some Jeeps

    William O'DellWilliam O'DellOy oldin
  • 5:40 Did your head go heavy and your sight go dim? 6:15 They checked out early, but I heard they could never leave.

    Vojtěch PraisVojtěch PraisOy oldin
  • Why do people with ugly cars have no money to buy 4WD cars but still have to go offroad with them?

    Dirk PieckDirk PieckOy oldin
  • I like the view of the rope going Boing!

    Corn BeltCorn BeltOy oldin
  • No off-road tires on thé Jeep. 😂

    Marcus CassiusMarcus CassiusOy oldin
  • Well this was disheartening to see since I was thinking of buying a Jeep for in town errands and weekend exploring. If it can't handle sand, then it defeats the purpose.

    Living 2DayLiving 2DayOy oldin
  • Always wonder who is related to whom. Is Lizzy Matt's daughter? May have told that before and I missed it.

    Bill WhiteBill WhiteOy oldin
  • Wonderful Recovery..🤝🤝

    Om GurkhaOm GurkhaOy oldin
  • Hopefully not putting it all the way in 4low didn't hurt the clients jeep. I'm going to go out on a limb an guess u guys didn't make that mistake urselfs sense u guys drive 4x4 vehicles for a living... right? lol

    whoopthereitwaswhoopthereitwasOy oldin
    • The customer had popped it into neutral for some reason. It can be very difficult to get them back in four Low when you you can’t rock them a little bit.

      Matt's Off Road RecoveryMatt's Off Road RecoveryOy oldin
  • A jeep pulling a stuck fiat

    cris dlcruzcris dlcruzOy oldin
  • A jeep pulling a stuck fiat

    cris dlcruzcris dlcruzOy oldin
  • Those midnight runs seem like they’d get a little sketchy. Glad Rudy was there to keep Matt safe.

    Ma TheMeatLoafMa TheMeatLoafOy oldin
  • what in the hell do some of these people get stuck on ? STUPID ? looks like fun job getting them out though , lucky fuckers

    steele krusesteele kruseOy oldin
  • Let sleeping Ed lie.

    Kevin MasseyKevin MasseyOy oldin
  • I always wonder what the cost for these rescues are, and the factors involved.

    kings17courtkings17courtOy oldin
  • FYI for being stuck in sand. When we had concrete mixers down we would use the water hose to wet the sand around the drive tires, then put it in low and crawl out. Of course, you don't need to be on the frame. Just saying that there was an ample source of water nearby.

    cvmccullarcvmccullarOy oldin
  • Do 4wd recovery tracks not exist in America ?

    kyle ramirezkyle ramirezOy oldin
  • Did those kids in the Honda even need a tow? Or did they just need someone with some common sense to drive for them?

    DarrylDarrylOy oldin
  • Moved the rock ?

  • because most stock jeeps are nothing to brag about in fact a lot have open differentials and just suck off road

    Chris HensonChris HensonOy oldin
  • How you gonna do this job when gas and diesel is banned and all you have is electric vehicles?

    Tim ArnoldTim ArnoldOy oldin
  • It’s really sad that a new jeep gets stuck that easy

    Boat LoverBoat LoverOy oldin
  • Lizzie is so hot does she have an Instagram???

    The TruebroThe TruebroOy oldin
  • The man in the GMC was just unlucky and ended up perfectly perched on top of the only rock around.

    Large LarryLarge LarryOy oldin
    • It also happened to be under the only axle that drives. How in the world can GM sell a Yukon that has only rear wheel drive? Oh, that’s right...most Yukon’s are only driven to the mall and to soccer games.

      Nicholas RichNicholas RichOy oldin
  • I think the Rudy-mobile needs a paint job to match the rest of the fleet, he is looking a little out of place.

    Andy ChapmanAndy ChapmanOy oldin
  • ARE your lockers always engaged? what kind are they?

    ChillinJJVChillinJJVOy oldin
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    Mike McFaddenMike McFaddenOy oldin
  • Double your fees. No one will complain. Best advice I ever got. Paid off.

    John HallJohn HallOy oldin
  • Great content, you should have more videos with Matt and Rudy working together!

    Kyle ZierkeKyle ZierkeOy oldin
  • Love the videos.. gotta say this must be an extremely rewarding job .

    Travis PendellTravis PendellOy oldin
  • Good father son outing. Had a few growing up myself. Though not out roaming for people stranded. Rather, trying to find where we put the Deer stands earlier in the week 🤣😷 After Midnight = No Shirt

  • A YouGone without 4WD??? Who ARE these people? Who DOESN'T get 4WD with a 5000 pound YouGone???

    Chris HarrisChris HarrisOy oldin
    • Chris Harris Not all pickups and SUV's are 4WD. And even with 4WD, they can get stuck. D'oh!

      Mister GoatMister GoatOy oldin
  • Your team is fantastic, they can completely do the jobs in your absence. That is good training. Keep up the good work.

    David MussackDavid MussackOy oldin
  • And you were off to a great start with the song & you stopped! Lol

    dave stevensdave stevensOy oldin
  • That would make it a long day being on call day and night. You know it is bad when Rudy says his jeep doesn't ride good at all

    James BighamJames BighamOy oldin
  • I think Matt needs a couple sets of Maxx Trax

    grantis80grantis80Oy oldin
  • I think ruff roads are DOT's plan to help keep drivers awake?

    Greg LewisGreg LewisOy oldin
  • should have had maxtrax

    Steve SpenceSteve SpenceOy oldin
  • Lizzy's so cute, she's like ,"oopsies"

    ShyRage1ShyRage1Oy oldin
  • I like how Rudy keeps his jerk rope in a carry bag. I believe in a place for everything and everything in it's place. Makes life a lot easier in a small but significant way! Way To Go Rudy!

    CLC IIICLC IIIOy oldin
  • Sorry. @Jared Buschschulte got the perfect name. Rudycon

    Chris ChrisChris ChrisOy oldin
  • @jaredbushchulte got it right. Jeep Rudycon. Hopefully it sticks

    Chris ChrisChris ChrisOy oldin